Lack of Principle Scully

Time to take a look at how the corrupt pedophile enclave of Watertown, Connecticut uses the public school system to harm children in the destruction of parent/child bonds.  Yes, this is the never ending drama of pedo monster and child predator William J. Grohs, his dickhead lawyer Michael Fasano and the devil’s bitch GAL Attorney Mary Brigham.  Daddy Grohs has such a little dick and over inflated ego that he needs to use the two girls Evie and Sofie as weapons of vengeance against their own mother to prove his manhood.  Obviously the perpetual live in fiancée Vickie Frenzel is not putting out enough that William Grohs has to psychologically screw over two little girls to feed his demented pedo ego.

Pedo dad Grohs is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to have the jewish family court isolate two children from their mother without any other cause than William Grohs fat wallet and pedo desire to inflict harm on his own children.  He has lots of money so dyke Judge Bozzuto and pedo Judge Ficeto gladly take their commissions from Fasano and Brigham. Trafficking children takes money and Grohs has plenty of it.

Mother has not hugged her daughters since August of last year.  This is by unholy and pedophile order of Judge Anne Ficeto, a sloth who preys on children for money.  Valentine’s Day comes along and mom sends some nice flowers and little hearts to her girls at school as she knows that pedo monster William Grohs intercepts and destroys all cards and gifts sent to the girls prison at 227 Woodbury Road.  Such a simple expression of mother’s love and care for two girls being consumed by the evil of pedophilia.  The inbred pedos of Watertown public schools have their eye on the girls at Judson Elementary, where the Principal Kathleen Scully intercepts the flowers and promptly calls pedoman Grohs that mother is sending gifts to her own children.  Pedo police boys in blue are also notified.

What type of ‘man’ keeps his own children away from the mother?  Pedo Man?  Pervert Man?  Psycho Man?  Going to shoot the world up man?  Demented man?  The clinical label for William J. Grohs is extensive.

Where is the application of state law which requires ‘active and consistent involvement’ of both divorced parents in the lives of their children?  No hugs from mom in seven months?  This is simple child abuse under state and federal law, which the community of Watertown conspires to offend.  Needless to say Watertown is the home of the dyke jewdicial princess Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto, head of the evil Family Court system.  It takes a village to abuse two little girls.

A public school system, with incompetent personnel, misusing tax dollars to conspire to isolate two girls from a mother.  How sinister, how pedo like.  Principal Kathleen Scully is such a psycho that she has to concern herself with deliveries of flowers on Valentine’s Day, play pedo police, conspire to harm children and ignore her duties of being a school principal.  But to be fair, the school system relies on the foolish legal advice of a young pedo female nigger lawyer Ashely Marshall from Shipman&Goodwin who does the bidding of the state pedophiles.  Legal miscreant Ashely thinks it is proper for William J. Grohs to withhold mother’s presents from his victims.

There is no cause for the miserable retarded cunt Kathleen Scully to publicly participate in the abuse and isolation of Evie and Sofie.  Intercepting flowers and calling the pedo monster for instructions proves she works in trafficking children for the pedo ring.  When the state pedo ring wants kids isolated, they have the power to use the public school system to do it.  Pedo cunts like Scully are a prime example of how Connecticut Pedo Utopia preys on children at every level of government.  Even the thin blue pedo line of Watertown Police, under the manly control of Chief John Gavallas is standing by to send in the SWAT team to apprehend the floral delivery service!!!

Judson Elementary is under the control of the state pedo ring.  Children are in danger.  More jewish based pedophilia aimed at trafficking children and destroying childhood.  Be scared, very scared.  The principal is one of them!

The William Grohs Psycho Drama has a very low probability of ending well.  The public is warned.


Kathleen Scully Judson principal playing for the dark side

Judson Elementary in Watertown where children are trafficked by the Principal.

Watertown Schools Pedo Superintendent

Ignorant Attorney Ashely Marshall conspires to traffick children at Shipman&Goodwin

Prison of Evie and Sofi Grohs.

Lost Kids. Evie and Sofi Grohs. Isolated from mother by pedo authority.

William Grohs the madman

Wiiliam Grohs Aviation?

Bill Grohs’ other side

Vicki Frenzel the unmarried step mom

Cancerous Mary Brigham, GAL

Dickhead Michael Fasano, trafficks kids for cash.

Attorney Dickhead Michael Fasano, viewed from the back.

Dyke on the byke family court judge Elizabeth Bozzuto, child trafficker.

Judge Ficeto, ‘spic Child Trafficker

Pedo muscle hunting free citizens who criticize the jewish masters.