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Issue Focused Evaluation

Time for tossing some jewdicial word salad from the bowels of the Connecticut Judiciary. The big dumb nigger in the black robe, CJ Richard Robinson funds a secretive society of child predators to provide ‘family services’ under the guise of justice. The third branch of government, holding no standards of family or cause to service a family, pretends that its ‘counselors’ have some magic sauce to interfere with parent-child bonds. Any excuse the communists can imagine justifies their ideological (jewish) purpose to invade and break up Christian families.

Blog star nigger boy Judge Eric Coleman referred a matter to the sloths of family services in the armpit of Waterbury, JD. A total white trash operation of incompetent state employees, sucking up government paychecks, while misrepresenting to the public of providing some needed service to society. Coleman failed to do his ministerial court duties of issuing a parenting plan, support order, or visitation schedule in the case of Evie and Sofie Grohs of Watertown. Dumb nigger boy abandoned his office and sent the case to Kathleen Montano a family services slug ($125k/yr) who has done nothing on the matter for over three weeks. Montano claims to conduct an ISSUE FOCUSED EVALUATION. However, no issue has been identified, no focus specified, and the term ‘evaluation’ simply means she will provide her unqualified pedo opinion on the matter. The trick of the family court is to improperly delegate its authority to a pissant state employee to obtain a baseless opinion while promoting state interference to the privacy of a family. Oi vey, even the niggers follow the jewish form of societal terrorism.

Of curious note, the word salad makes curious use of the English language equating a parent to a client. The now-famous blog questions the mentality of anyone who finds that the judicial branch has clients. The judiciary exposes its cognitive dissonance. Deborah Fuller ($178k/yr) oversees the inconsistent concepts that an independent judiciary cannot be in the business of having clients in the professional sense of the word. A parent referred to the services gestapo can only be considered a victim of tyranny. May the powder be dry and the shot true, as there is no other means to cleanse the government of the domestic terrorists lurking in the jewdicial basement.

By statute, Kathleen Montano is a mandated reporter under CGS §17a-101(b)(38), but she refuses to report the forced isolation of Evie and Sofie at the hand of Vicki Frenzel. Blog fans will remember that nigger boy Coleman gave the girls and their trust funds to Vicki to protect them from the mother they love, who according to Vicki causes psychological harm. A hairdresser’s professional opinion of children! Coleman agreed with an expert hairdresser! Oi vey, how the niggers and the jews work together for a sack full of shekels.

The jewdicial discretion of monsters in black robes have isolated two gifts of God from their mother for 1505 days to date. A unilateral act of child abuse not supported by the sovereign people of Connecticut. A private star chamber of niggers and jews work outside the rule of law to traffic children on private complaint of trailer trash tramp Vicki Frenzel. A child trafficking operation embedded in the court system, funded by an unsuspecting public. Scarecrow needs a little fire? How dedicated is a player like Montano when push comes to public shoving pedos off a cliff?

The un-professional game of Kathleen Montano is to ignore the state law for mandatory reporting of child abuse, not that the retard could recognize it. She cannot define the issue on which to focus. She cannot provide the documentation of protocol for producing a professional evaluation. She can’t follow procedure. She won’t respond to simple questions in writing, prefers to ‘chat’ on the phone, leaving no paper trail of her lies. A true pedo foot soldier working for the dark side to destroy childhood at the bidding of her masters, deserving of a headless float down the Naugatuck River.