In a free society, ruled by the will of a sovereign people, there is a right to observe the shenanigans of family court, but Connecticut is no such society. The nutmeg people are victims of ‘POLICY’ handed down from a big dumb nigger in a black robe who masquerades as chief justice. In reality, Richard Robinson is just a puppet who betrays his oath by implementing POLICY directed by his masters for the third branch of government, a true fool.

Jews of family court do whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want; there is no rule of law, just jewdicial discretion to traffic children and drain family bank, a pedo playground. Jews don’t like it when the goy spotlight their tricks, so they work hard at concealing public matters, despite superior court being a public forum subject to public scrutiny. Pesky goy exercising First Amendment rights of scrutiny simply annoy the jewdiciary.

The new jewness is applied through the Reporter of Judicial Decisions, Eric M. Levine, a glorified, overpaid, paper-pusher ($145k/yr), with a worthless law degree from Albany, who adheres to a secret internal POLICY prohibiting public access to family court decisions. Want to review the last three months of decisions made by the nefarious family division of superior court in custody matters? Sorry, you can’t. The POLICY of nigger boy Robinson ensures no public distribution of Satan’s child trafficking activities, barring the public and the legislature from scrutinizing the clandestine activities of the family mafia. The POLICY was slipped in the back door by jewdicial subversion, thwarting public use of WestLaw or Lexis to search the child trafficking decisions of the pedo jews on the family bench. The Reporter’s office simply shreds the decisions dutifully delivered by family court clerks, in compliance with the POLICY.

Of great jewdicial contradiction is the propaganda mission statement plastered on the branch website: The mission of the Connecticut Judicial Branch is to serve the interests of justice and the public by resolving matters brought before it in a fair, timely, efficient and open manner. Believe that shit? How is justice served if custody decisions are hidden from the public? What is the ‘open manner’ when reported decisions are shredded? The now-famous blog provides its usual disclaimer: ain’t makin’ this shit up! The Connecticut Judicial Branch is on a mission to fuck up the goy and they are experts of fuckery. The family court bench book is hidden from the public, decisions are hidden from the public, jewdicary says one thing, does the opposite, then attacks the goy for pointing out the obvious. Big dumb nigger Robinson is right in the thick of it.

Nutmeg goy unwittingly fund the jewdicial policy which acts in deprivation of rights enshrined in the First Amendment. Eric M. Levine and his deputy Jean K. Cummings, both attorneys subject to the Rules of Professional Conduct are enemies of the Constitution, domestic terrorists, who actively undermine the founding principles of the Republic.

The POLICY of jewdicial overlords defeats the Constitution of the goy. Thank the big dumb nigger in the black robe and his flying monkeys. Or stockpile dry powder and .308 ball ammunition for the upcoming revolt against evil.

Big Dumb Nigger Boy Robinson sets POLICY to hide pedo trafficking by family court judges from the public. Terrorist?
A patriot’s policy editor.
Nigger Boy policies need professional editing to conform to First Amendment.