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Melissa Farley

Time again to play connect-the-dots to expose how the Connecticut communist court system is wired to rape children. The FrankReport just published its sixth part about Chris Ambrose’s and GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz raping of children Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer at the hands of jewdicial authority while branch spox, Melissa Farley, remains silent. Just silence on behalf of the third branch of government as to why three children are being harmed at the hands of unscrupulous state actors. Perhaps she has her mouth full of jewdicial cock and can’t get the words out? Choking on jewdicial cum? Remember when Melissa had to publicly voice the opinion of a ‘chilled’ branch when ‘we the people’ kicked jew child abusing scum Jane Emons off the bench? Like it was some crime against humanity to cleanse the family bench of talmudic jewery spewed by jew Jane. The political interests of jewish judges had to be broadcast to the goy by Farley. But in light of six FrankReports, a damning video by Wayne Dolcefino, evidence of criminal conduct, child screams, police coverup, Melissa remains silent, hiding from public scrutiny that will likely terminate her pathetic career as communist propaganda minister and her $100k+ salary, or at least give her anxiety over what lurks in the shadows.

The communist jews of the Connecticut judiciary would make Lenin proud. Nigger boy Robinson wipes his fat dumb black ass with the First Amendment, muzzling a free press with his MEDIA COMMITTEE. In the land of the free and the home of the brave, why does the third branch of government have a ‘central propaganda committee’ where judges, lawyers, and journalists conspire? How is there an independent judiciary and a free press, if they work together to abridge First Amendment rights? Communist? Or just jewish? Melissa Farley sits in the middle of it.

Here is the wall of journalistic shame:

Eric Parker
Anchor of WFSB Channel 3’s CT ‘21

Lisa Backus
Freelance Reporter

Stephen Busemeyer
Managing Editor, The Connecticut Mirror

John Ferraro
Managing Editor, Hearst CT Media Group

Dennis House
Political Anchor, WTNH-TV Channel 8

Karen Florin
Reporter, The Day

Melissa Bailey
Editor, New Haven Independent

Edmund H. Mahony
Reporter, The Hartford Courant

John Penney
Court Reporter, Norwich Bulletin

Chris Powell
Columnist, Journal Inquirer

Lauren Sellew
Police & Courts, Meriden Record-Journal

Jon Shugarts
Courts Reporter, Republican-American

Thomas Scheffey
Writer, Connecticut Law Tribune

Tom Appleby
General Manager, News 12

The government of Connecticut openly rapes children in the courts. Pedophilia is protected. Jews run amok. Judges are puppets. But the most horrendous revelation of gulag Connecticut is that the press is a bunch of pussies, silently condoning pedophilia. The free press, of a free state, bearing arms, is held under foot by jews. Amazing! The ‘free press’ of the gulag refuses to report on child abuse at the hand of the state government, because the ‘central commish’ of jewdicial media control, chaired by domestic terrorist Judge Joan Alexander, silences the free press. The big dumb nigger in a black rope convenes a commish to silence the American spirit. Ten judges, seven state employees, twelve journalists, one private attorney, do exactly what? Muzzle the press? Pretty obvious, there is no press coverage of the atrocities of family court, ever! Chief Family Judge Michael Albis sits on the commish to ensure his pedophilic chamber of horrors does not make headlines. The jewish infrastructure of nigger boy Robinson’s court system is impressive.

The now-famous blog makes note that Patriots with .308 ball ammunition disapprove of Melissa Farley’s silence on the rape of children in gulag Connecticut. Judicial muckery with the media is un-American. The Connecticut Judicial Branch as proclaimed itself a domestic enemy of the Constitution, a threat to children, a danger to themselves, and the First Amendment; may impact with state snow plow be swift.

Justice must satisfy the appearance of justice … lest the people’s wrath rises.

Melissa Farley, cunt on the right, propaganda minister for the jewdiciary
Jewdiciary of Connecticut conspires to thwart public scrutiny to rape children. Melissa Farley is part of the propaganda.