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Jewdicial Hackery

“A ransomware attack has knocked the state court system’s computers offline.”!!!!

Really?  That is what gullible reporter Dave Owens of the Hartford Courant propaganda rag is repeating at the request of the jewdicial mafia of the state.  The concocted explanation by Melissa Farley, the propagandist of the Chief Court Administrator’s Office, is so twisted that it is a self-admitting lie to the public.  Melissa is a brainless puppet on strings of her masters Judge Patrick ‘the crook’ Carroll and the king jew, Judge Elliot Solomon.  Any public statement from these two clowns is rather suspect.

Dave at the Courant says that Melissa at the jewdiciary said that a virus took down the computer system of the renowned, excellent judicial branch of the great state of Corrupticut.  A little old virus crawled into the expensive system, right past all the security safeguards, unknown to the extensive and overpaid ‘professionals’ in the IT department.  Yep, the story should begin with:  Once upon a time ….

This unnamed virus is described by Melissa as ‘ransomware’, meaning the little bug locks up data and demands money for the key to unlock it.  But Melissa does not identify the ransomware, just believe that there is a virus and it took down the judicial computer system on Friday.  Melissa did not tell Dave why the system was vulnerable to the ‘ransomware attack’.  After all, the Courant’s computers did not go down, nor did state DMV, nor Revenue Services, nor State Police.  Melissa’s story starts to fall apart where she states that 114 of 535 judicial servers were affected, but they were mostly ‘test’ servers used for testing…not operations.  Which immediately begs the question if the test servers got hit, why did the system fail?  Over twenty percent of the servers are for ‘testing’?  See what happens when Melissa embellishes her story?  Contradictions expose the fabrication.

Melissa does not tell Dave, nor does Dave ask, why was the system ‘vulnerable’?  The state pays a lot of people a lot of money to properly and professionally run the computer systems of the state, why did the judicial branch go down?  Nothing to see here folks, move along.  Next Melissa disclaims that no private information was released, no data was lost.  C’mon, how does she know this.  If the system is locked up being held for ransom, how can anyone know what has been copied or destroyed?  Oh, and by the way, what ‘private’ information is in the judicial computer system, there is nothing secret in the judiciary….or is there?

Melissa’s grande foot in mouth statement is that the department is working with its ‘security vendor’ to eradicate the infection.  Who is the vendor?  Another secret?  Can we confirm this with the ‘vendor’?  And if there is a security vendor, how was the system left vulnerable to the hack?  This all makes no sense.

Let’s read between the lines.  The judicial system went down because there is information contained therein that incriminates a bunch of the mafioso of the jewdiciary.  The FBI crime dogs have been sniffing up black robes since September of last year.  The State Attorney General has been providing lawyers to judiciary committee members and various members of the judicial department to deal with the federal investigation.  Dropping the computer system under the guise of hack, taking it off line and having a whole weekend to scrub out what Chief Counsel Martin Libbin does not want to be exposed is just another day in Hartford.  Any incriminating files are simply erased while eradicating the infection.  Melissa and Dave just provide the cover story.

This guy Martin Libbin, affectionately called ‘Marty’, is the dirty deeds man for the judges.  Marty comes from a jewdicial mafia family.  His dad was a judge.  Marty is the Director of Legal services for the jewdicial department.  He is the top lawyer for the judges.  Marty is sparring with the FBI and USDOJ investigators on the hunt into the state judiciary.  Marty is not stupid and he is cunning.  His job is to protect the mafia and he is well rewarded with under the table cash for his skills.  If the black robes go down, Marty goes down too.  No immunity for the dirty deeds man.

A little imagination points to the areas of interest for the FBI.  Money laundering, child trafficking, purchased decisions, lawyer collusion, civil rights deprivation, pedo protection…..mostly focused on Family Court, which is under the zionist control of king jew Judge Elliot Solomon, synagogue pal of Marty.  The judicial department runs the child support program, which comes with millions of dollars of federal funds, the FBI has probably stumbled onto the siphoning of this revenue stream into private pockets connected to the black robes.  The federal racket of child support gives Connecticut $3 for every $1 collected.  Meaning there is a $750 million dollar slush fund on 114 servers.  The judiciary has a long history of funds disappearing with no trace.

Be sure that the Feds are sniffing, be sure that the judges have a lot to hide, be sure that Marty Libbin orchestrated the hack, be sure that files are being destroyed, be sure that Melissa is lying, be sure that there is money and little children involved.

Be scared, very scared, this is your government….kids for cash.

Editor’s Note:  Curious as why Judge Carroll’s office did not blame the hack on disgruntled family court litigants or fringe groups with an extremist website?

Courant’s David Owens. Judicial branch propaganda mouthpiece.

Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Ruler

Chief Crook Patrick Carroll