Shill Marissa Alter

The now famous blog highlights how the jews of Connecticut work together to gloss over the evil of the jew controlled family court system and the harm inflicted on society under its singular agenda to harm children and plunder family savings for the sole benefit of jews. The blog focuses on how Marissa Alter, a so called ‘reporter’ for NBCNews12Connecticut, is a jew media tool to misguide the public when covering tragedies related to the infamous family court.

The entire income of members of the Connecticut Family Bar Association comes directly from family savings accounts, let that sink in. It is obvious why family court judges are so ruthless, as compassion is just not profitable. The demand for lawyer feed drives the protracted litigation and infliction of child abuse, the sole justification being jew income.

Marissa, the little jewish American princess, would have gone unnoticed in the realm of fake news, if it had not been for her key role of Lifetime’s docu-drama on the murder of Jen Dulos. The slip was that there was no mention of the protracted, purposeless divorce litigation orchestrated by jew Judge Heller and her obese jew pet Attorney Reuben Midler. The jews of Lifetime scripted a pointless dialogue to completely avoid the question as to why Jen was targeted by the jewish family court of plunder and loot for a simple, administrative, no-fault divorce. The cover story repeated by Marissa Alter was meaningless drivel about a ‘contentious custody battle’, which was simply disinformation. Fotis had no money, no gainful employment, engaged in adulterous fucking of the Argentinian horse, his so-called business of building white elephants that did not sell was nothing more than a hobby funded by the Farbers. Jen was the only parent who could house, clothe, feed, and care for the kids. There was nothing for Judge Heller to decide, there was nothing contentious, the family was broke. But the jews of family court knew they could bleed Jen’s mom through a painful, tortuous, grind in Heller’s court, which is exactly what Jen got; tearing the family apart, inflicting intentional emotional distress and targeted psychological harm, while Heller and Midler laughed all the way to the bank.

Did Marissa Alter report on the underlying impact of family court on the Dulos family? Of course not! The jews of Connecticut will not advertise their dedicated efforts to destroy society. Honesty in reporting, not Marissa Alter! Her jewish allegiance to her jew masters and her oversized paycheck will not be compromised by any form of truth. In simple terms, Fotis Dulos was an adulterer who destroyed the marriage and broke up the family. Divorce should have been instantaneous. No need for Michael Meehan of Bridgeport to act as a guardian for the kids, no need for a psyche eval by jew Stephen Herman, no need for sixteen status conferences, Jen was entitled to be freed from the bonds of marriage to her adulterous, cheating husband. But not in jewland. A pound of flesh was to be extracted from Jen before the jewdiciary would even think of dissolving the marriage. Marissa Alter claims this was a ‘contentious custody battle’!

Marissa Alter applies the same disingenuous reporting in the recent tragedy in Westport. Another family, tormented by the dealings of family court sees death and destruction. Another dead mother and now another innocent child lost. A family court matter involving another jew law firm, involving brutal, expensive, protracted litigation, which Alter conveniently omits. Jews like Marissa Alter and her editors ensure journalism remains dead. What would the goy society do, if the jew games of family court were revealed in simple bare facts? Where Effron Law played Jen Dulos, Cohen&Wolf played Tracy Do. Jews everywhere. Are the jews afraid the informed goy might upset the singularly jewish control of what today is nothing more than an administrative function of state government?

Marissa Alter works to create stories that hide the jewish demonic element in society. Concerned citizens would see Judge Heller’s head on a pike, but Alter provides the disinformation shield. The Dulos children are orphans by the direct hand of a punishing jew, in a black robe, on a bench, misusing the power of the state. Don’t let the goy know! Give them another story! Marissa Alter is the jew shill of disinformation.

Marissa Alter, jewish shill of NBC News12
Jewish baby eaters, gorge on family savings and inflict pain upon society to profit themselves.