Psycho Testing

The jews running the psychobabble game of family court have a great racket for fooling the goy into believing there is meaning to psychological testing performed on unsuspecting victims of the jewdicial scam. But every now and again, something pops out of the script that catches the famous blog’s attention. The jew producers at Lifetime put on a two-hour show about Jen Dulos, glossing over every significant detail of her tragic drama with Fotis, completely ignoring the abuse of family court. Of great curiosity is the mislabeled ‘documentary’ which further obscured the criminal details. The blog focuses on the slip up by the incompetent divorce attorney Rich Rochlin, a half baked clown of the family court who fleeces clients for no purpose in obtaining a simple, administrative, no-fault divorce.

Rochlin blurts out on national television that the ‘psychological testing’ of Fotis showed he did not have the propensity for violence. Rochlin wants the world to believe that the unseen, unverified, unspecified TESTING proves that Fotis was not capable of murder. Oi vey, c’mon, how far do these jews go in their frauds? The enlightened blog reader will recognize the jewish design. Fotis proved the family court’s reliance on psychobabble testing to be quite false, as the testing can’t even identify the axe murderer, holding the bloody axe. Now the blog spotlight shines on Judge Michael Albis, chief administrative judge of the murderous Connecticut Family Court. Why does he allow the un-scientific quackery to be considered evidence by his retarded minions in black robes? Is Albis in on the game? Another hostage to jewish psychobabble tricks of fucking up the goy? Is Albis begging to be held accountable by a lynch mob? What if all the lynchers have been evaluated as peaceful protestors?

Again, a slip of the racket and the jewish scam is exposed. Jen had psychological issues. Dr. Stephen Herman provided the evidence to his synagogue colleague Judge Donna Heller at the urging of obese jew lawyer Reuben Midler, inflamed by GAL Michael Meehan. Oi vey, can they be more obvious? Dr. Herman ‘tested’ the murderous Fotis, providing ‘evidence’ upon which the rabbinical court of Judge Heller could rely. A jew relying on the lies of another jew to malign the goy for the sole purpose of running up billable hours to obtain the simple administrative no-fault divorce ‘in the best interest of jew wallets’.

Will Judge Albis cower in his chambers, afraid that the lynch mob of the goy will come for him or in fear that his jewish masters will come first. What if he calls bullshit on psychobabble expertise in issuing no-fault divorces? Will the brakes on his car fail? Will his family be hunted? Will he be suicided? Will the coroner rule the two bullet holes in the back of his head are simply manifestations of depression, abuse of psychotropic drugs, an escape from a legal career that topped out as a jew puppet?

Does the bell toll for thee? Take a test and find out!

Here are some answers for your next round of psychobabble testing by a jew in family court.
Fotis Dulos, tested and certified by jewish psychobabblist not to be a violent person. Just ask a jew!!