Finally, a malpractice suit has been brought against a psychobabblist vulture of the Connecticut Family Court. Dr. Jessica Biren Caverly, PhD has been sued by mother and children for her expertise in destroying parent-child bonds under the guise of being a state licensed psychologist, self-appointed expert in profiting from maligning a parent to affect a discretionary jewdicial decision to strip a fit parent of custody. Bring popcorn! The family court and its protected vendors are now under attack; Albis is shitting himself.

The family court operates on the jewdicial discretion of a moron in a black robe, unfit to sit on any real bench, being relegated to the bowels of judicial incompetence: the family court. The Connecticut divorce doctrine for families with money is to instigate a custody fight over god’s gifts. The expensive GAL, blessed with immunity by the high jews of Borden, Katz & others, suggests to the doting judge to appoint an ‘expert’ to provide evidence in a mislabeled ‘custody evaluation’, a simple scam to prolong litigation, drain the family bank, and enrich lawyers. A charlatan like Dr. Jessica Biren Caverly, PhD is the perfect addition to the state run racketeering scam, fleecing families with money. Poor folk are excluded, they have no bank, the court does not waste time on them. Family Court is all about money. Psychologists bring the harm to the children to keep the fight going, lawyers luvin’ it!

But what if three kids and mom can see through the scam? What if the secretive work product gets reviewed by competent professionals, not part of the state pedo ring, not working to traffic kids into a barbershop website by their pedo dad? What if the kids call MALPRACTICE on the quack doctor and file a lawsuit? Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer have teamed up with their mom to sue the quackster upon whom Judge Jane Grossman relied to isolate them from mom for over a year. Dr. Caverly uses psychobabble to justify destruction of parent-child bonds. Judge Grossman uses discretion to rely on psychobabble to end run constitutional protections. Kids say not so fast, Constitution applies, see you in court!

Kids expose the scam of family court! What fellow charlatan will come forth to defend Caverly’s quackery? Who will dare risk reputation annihilation to defend jewish junk science? Who wants to be a blog star? Her evaluation simply paints mother black, recommends isolation of children from mother, and cites no clinical studies to support her pedo conclusion. Just a jew with a license to traffic kids. After all, the kids are only revenue generators to pedo dad, so mom needs to be cut out of the picture, where Caverly is purposely brought in to do just that.

Bring popcorn! Three kids are going to cut Caverly off at the knees and expose the jew trafficking games of family court.

Three kids sue Dr. Caverly for malpractice in upsetting their lives for the last year.
Dr. Caverly, defendant in malpractice suit brought by kids she abused!!!