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CSSD Gestapo

Just when we begin to fear our government, the Connecticut Judiciary scares the living shit out of us! The thought police are on the hunt for the now famous blog. Three henchmen of the Court Support Services Division of the Jewdiciary were shaking down citizens this week for information on the journalistic masterminds behind the annoying source of annoyance which the jewidicial masters don’t like…da blog!

The State of Connecticut, acting with public funds, by private vendetta within the judiciary is actively investigating free speech which annoys its ruling elite. The state gulag does not allow criticism of public matters in a public forum by the public. The First Amendment means nothing to the jewdicial mafia. Criticism of public figures is being hunted.

The blog can’t even make this shit up. Thugs of Court Support Services Division of the Judiciary are hunting the blog. If you are suspected of editing, writing, contributing or even sharing the blog, you are on the State’s hit list and they are coming for you!!! Only question of bloggable interest is who gave the order to deploy the flying monkeys? Was it Nigger Boy Robinson, big black man in black robe who sits atop the big court doing his master’s bidding? Was it chief child trafficker, Judge Michael Albis, seeking to defeat the crusade against his pedo family court? Was it jewboy legal director Martin Libbin? Or is it Gary Roberge, Executive Director of CSSD, trying to please his masters by delivering the severed pen of the blog to their table?

We know that the order came through Gary Roberge as flying monkeys of CSSD only act by direction from above. But Gary reports to the office of chief administrative judge, where we find the foul, miscreant deviant, gender confused Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto. Our dear friend Liz, the Dyke on the Byke, always has a way of acting in a bloglicious manner. It is not enough that she is incredibly stupid, was the head of family court, is queer, mentally defective, thinks she is special; she now has to unleash state employees to hunt the source of free speech. Well done Elizabeth, blog knows it was you!!!

Blog on!!!

Gary Roberge, Director CSSD
Dyke on the byke, Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto, blog hunter.
CSSD flying monkeys, life imitating art.