AFCC Freak Lorie Nachlis

The jews of the AFCC are predatory miscreants who live by creating conflict and suffering in return for cash. A fine example of an AFCC member in good standing is Attorney Lorie Nachlis of San Francisco, a creepy old hag dyke, experienced in destroying families, carrying the title of Super Lawyer … because she paid for it. A pathetic example of a person of so little intellect she has practiced family law for the last 41 years. So pitiful and useless that she could not even make money doing real estate closings. She played her jewish privilege in the nastiest court of the land, with a license to steal for inciting pointless familial conflict between unsuspecting parents in the name of billable hours. We know her game.

Lorie is in the news for running her mouth about another family she helped destroy. Stephen O’Laughlin and Leslie Hu were divorced in 2016, they had one kid, Pierce, who is now 9 years old. The couple had money and the attorneys involved knew how to keep the litigation going to milk the family for every dime possible. After the divorce, custody battles continued for another five years, because fickle mom later demanded sole custody; for which she has now paid with the life of her son. Dad had enough of the legal abuse, blew his brains out last week, after doing the same to his son. Now mother has nothing but a large legal bill from her AFCC attorney and her son’s corpse to bury.

Now for the sad jewish part. Once the bullet went through the kid’s brain, the family dispute terminated. Mother Leslie was no longer a plaintiff, having no son to fight over. But that does not stop the jews of the AFCC from running their mouths like they are some experts on family court induced suicide. Super jew Lawyer Nachlis takes to the street to proclaim:

“I think it is undeniable that Pierce’s father suffered from untreated mental illness.  Which resulted in his taking the life of his son and his own life. Pierce wasn’t killed because of a disagreement over a stuffy nose and he wasn’t killed over a disagreement regarding vaccinations. He was killed for more complex reasons. He punished Leslie with the ultimate act of violence.  Killing her child and she will suffer as I believe was intended for the rest of her life.”

‘Untreated mental illness’, how many times have we seen that little sound bite filed by AFCC charlatans around the country? Interesting point is that Nachlis was no longer representing mother Leslie in a court matter, but she was pontificating that dad Stephen’s conduct, had nothing to do with the five years of protracted post judgment litigation. Nothing like a jew slandering a dead man to hide her own involvement in torturous conduct. Like the psychological damage caused by AFCC attorneys is not ‘complex’? Read the article here.

What the AFCC jews don’t want the pubic to know is how much money was spent after the divorce on legal fees. They don’t even want you to know the name of the judge who entertained this purposeless litigation, encouraging the insane legal bills incurred by both sides. The AFCC does not want the public to know that the lawyers on both sides of this fabricated dispute were working together to maximize billable hours rather than resolve a disagreement. Leslie Hu has the rest of her life to cry over the loss of her son, the family being played by two unscrupulous jews who will now submit their final invoices and pursue payment from a grieving mother and the estate of dead dad. Oh, this is AFCC’s playbook at its finest. Attorney Nachlis is even billing her client for her postmortem speech on the sidewalk.

Attorney Lorie Nachlis is so stupid, she does not realize that her allegations against dead dad can be met with a slander suit from his estate. But what do we expect from a dyke of a jew lawyer who hates men and wants to deflect her culpability in a stress induced death of parent and child. Only a fool would retain such a dyke for professional legal services.

Stephen O’Laughlin and Leslie Hu, sacrificed their only son on the alter of family court for benefit of AFCC jew lawyers.
AFCC conflict professional Leslie Nachlis, litigious handi work drives dad to suicide, lawyers laugh all the way to the bank.
Pierce O’Laughlin, sacrificed in family court conflict in the name of legal fees for jew lawyers.