Bozzuto Barf

The propaganda ministry of Corrupticut never sleeps.  The worst, nastiest, evil, foul, miscreant, retarded and disgustingly dykish Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto has been kicked off the bench for cause, but the Law Tribune has to spoon feed the public cover story in an incompetent bit of prose by Robert Storace, @RobertSCTLaw, 203-437-5950.

This blog’s favorite dyke on the byke, chief child trafficker and disciple of the great king jew Elliott N. Solomon is gone from the bench….there is a God!  Now, if he can only hit the bitch with a good bolt of lightning as penance for all the damage she has done to Christian families through the Zionist game of Family Court. 

The thrust of the article is how much she loved destroying children and their parents, pocketing the money and the fact that only Bozzuto’s own parents could love such an inhuman miscreant in a black robe.  Supporting comments by the King Jew Judge Solomon himself.

Read the CT LawTribune propaganda here.