Four Minutes!

NEWSFLASH!  William J. Grohs, monster evil trafficking child abuser who has drugged, brainwashed and isolated Evey and Sophia Grohs from mom for eighteen days, allowed a four minute chat via facetime today!!!  Four minutes!!!  Two and a half weeks!!  What a dad!!!

Of course the girls are not the same, withdrawn, scared, afraid to converse with mom while dad stands over them, threatening to beat them, if they display affection to mom.  The medication is taking affect, any marks from electro shock is well hidden.  The isolation campaign is following the pedo recipe book to the letter.  Long initial isolation with inducement of fear, psychological manipulation, trauma and of course, pharmacology.

Nice to see that the doting self-proclaimed yet unmarried ‘step mother’ Vicki Frenzel is a conspirator to isolation of the girls from their real mother.  William can’t pull off such malicious child abuse all on his own, he needs help of the wicked bitch.

At least they have not killed them yet.