Robert Thaner

Time to connect the really ugly pedo dots on how Robert Thaner of Norwalk got the mother of his children incarcerated for three months because of intra family discord.  Bobby Boy will not be nominated for father of the year award, but is on the short list for monster of the century.

Let’s start with the Dark Lord himself, jew Judge Gerard Adelman.  Assisted by notorious GAL insiders Rhonda Morra and fellow jew Steve Dembo, underpinned by jewish psyche evaluator Sidney Horowitz;  the Dark Lord rules that mother of five cannot ‘safely parent’ the children.  Given the couple was divorced in NJ with mother having primary custody, Connecticut family court swoops in on the rather large family savings accounts, re-litigates the entire matter, drains every dollar and pronounces mother of five as evil.  No jury.  No notice.  No summons.  Dark Lord Adelman just pulls it out of his discretionary jewish ass, absent any application of law or due process.  A typical hallmark of pedo judges.  Classic Connecticut post judgment custody switch, most lucrative game in court.

Bobby Boy, getting older and more senile, continues down a rocky road of his twisted mind, having rooted problems in his younger years.  Some road rage here, a DUI there, two previous x wives, before the present drama, employment problems, does not play well with others, suicide attempt, party animal, has not worked in ten years, running out of money.  But he is a protected darling of Judge Bozzuto and Judge Adelman.  He is the saint and mother is evil.

But dad inflicts such familial discord, Judge Bozzuto is forced to allow older son to live with mom, but dad still has sole custody.  Mom still pays dad support money for son she is feeding, but Bobby Boy is allowed to keep the extra beer money by Bozzuto in direct violation of state statutes on child support.

So pedo club does a number on mom.  Officer Jermaine Nash of Norwalk Pedo Protector Police Department, untrained in anything about family law, writes up a ridiculous excuse of an arrest warrant for the mother.  A great achievement for a rookie cop on the beat of an elementary school.  Nash being a divorced father screwing his own son’s life has a pedo connection to Bobby Boy and his young son.  Upper management of Norwalk Police, Chief Protector Kuliwak gives the wink and the nod.  The local Norwalk prosecutor of the elite prosecutor pedo protector club of Connecticut, State’s Attorney Richard Colangelo runs it to his favorite pedo judge William ‘the weasel’ J. Wenzel for a quick signature on the false affidavit and mom is cuffed and in the paddy wagon.  Officer Nash gleefully sets bail at $5k and lets everyone know he did it to mother of five.  After all, mothers with children to feed are such a flight risk.  But this is Norwalk.  Mothers are hated by cops and bail bonds generate kickbacks.  The thin blue pedo line extends from Norwalk to Glastonbury where juvenile master pedo Officer Hooper arranges a swat team to apprehend mother.  Pedo Chiefs across the state work to ensure pedo power rules.

With mom out of the picture, the kids get seized by DCF and placed in the protective care of maternal grandma.  Then after a long investigation, DCF finds dad is a neglectful drunk and gives the kids back to mom.  Bozzuto, so upset that DCF is not playing her evil trafficking game, puts mom in jail and threatens the kids that mom will stay in jail until kids return to their loving father.  Jewdicial threats against children really do work.

So the vengeful elite prosecutors along with criminal court Judge Hernandez railroad mom into prison because the kids had issues with dad.  Well, only three kids.  The pedo prosecutor Colangelo did not charge mom for the kid that dad hates.  Only the three he likes.   So she gets 3x30days and 3x$500, Judge Hernandez claims mother of five is a danger to society.  But he really meant she was a danger to Judge Bozzuto and her pedo pals.  Exposing Judge Bozzuto for trafficking kids at the direction of her pedo overlords brings on jewdicial retaliation.  Police, prosecutors and judges of the criminal court jump to assault mother as directed.

While mom is being hauled off to jail, gloating father of four, keeper of three, is asked if he wants to take the older son back while mom is in the slammer?  Dad says NO!!  Older sons of larger size are not easy to control and often fight back.  Dad with sole custody, no other parent around, wants nothing to do with oldest son.  The Dark Lord had determined it was in the best interests of the universe for dad to have sole custody, but he ignores his own flesh and blood.  Dad has not spoken to eldest son in over two years, but holds Judge Bozzuto’s blessing of sole custody of a son he disowns.  Bozzuto just blames the mother and cancels all visitation with the kids.  Classic pedo play book.  Trafficked kids don’t need a mom.

This my friends is the fuckery of family court and how they traffick kids.  Some of the pedo players are shown below.  Connect the dots.  Remember, Judge Lynda Munro said publicity is the price you pay for litigation.  Putting your third x wife in jail with the help of Norwalk Police, the State’s Attorney and corrupt Judge Alex V. Hernandez is a headline.  It takes a village to traffick kids….village of Norwalk, Connecticut.

The taxpayers of Connecticut have now been stuck with the cost of lawyers for the mother’s appeal.  Appellate Case.  No christian society pits mother against father in a criminal court and forces the kids to testify.  That is the work of the chosen people, the teachings of the Talmud and the act of the jews in the prosecutor’s club.  Supervisory ASA Susan C. Marks, using public funds will uphold the rule of the Talmud on behalf of pedo master Kevin Kane to show the world how mothers are treated and children are trafficked in the Connecticut Pedo Utopia.  Rule of law is rule of the jews over the goyim.

The citizens of Norwalk should be ashamed of their masters.

Meet the players.  Connect the dots:

Jewdicial Marshalls