John Cirando

Ever notice how the practice of family law has little to do with law? It is always what a bunch of intellectually deficient morons simply believe. Sadly, intellect diminishes with age to the point senility takes over and the law is lost. Let’s examine how an old geezer in Syracuse has completely lost his marbles in arguing everything but the law.

Meet John A. Cirando, an old lawyer still kicking around Syracuse pretending to practice family law. The famous blog classifies this octogenarian as a non-christian who makes a living peddling children. He reeks of the stench of the paedophile establishment, arguing Zionistic edicts to undermine humanity and separate calves from their four-legged sires, all in the name of legal fees. Poor boy never heard of the Fourth Commandment or the concept of filial piety. He thinks that all human traits are properly captured in his understanding of the law. Let’s take a look at how Johnny Boy interprets the LAW.

For starters, Johnny thinks child support is optional. He will gladly ignore all state and federal regulations on the subject, if it gets in his way of trafficking children for profit. Then Johnny The Paedo thinks that the jew in a black robe knows what is best for the offspring of the goyim. Anything to attack the basic Christian concepts of family is what he hurls at the court. He uses public funds to provide ‘legal’ representation which only serves to advance the Zionist agenda. Don’t think for a minute that Johnny will allow a non-jew the protections afforded in the Constitution, that is only for the chosen to decide. He will hurl insults, lies, innuendo and lots of smoke to obscure the ‘legal’ fact that even the goyim hold rights under the law to know their own kids. It really, really pisses off the chosen ones when the goyim start quoting the real law in defiance of paedophile child traffickers.

But let’s stay focused on the incompetence of John A. Cirando and his retarded sidekick Rebecca Konst. Johnny claims that custody orders hold constitutional protection of full faith and credit of Article IV, Section 1. SCOTUS explained back in 1947 that custody orders are not final orders of the court, no res judicata attaches as the order may be changed at whim by any judge who claims jurisdiction over the child. Such is clearly set down in Halvey v Halvey, which was heard from NY Court of Appeals. But now Johnny Boy argues against it … using public funds. Oi vey, will the goats ever stop?

Want to upset the old farts from the Frankfurt School of Psychobabble, just call the court vendors ‘whores‘, ask for a protocol, contract, terms of service, then the parasites go running. But lawyers like Cirando will attack your First Amendment rights for expressing an opinion on the jewish psycho game of junk science. He might even call you a ‘threat’!!!! Having too much to think about family court, John Cirando of Syracuse will mock you from the Temple Mount.

Cirando is such a tool of the paedophile ring that he will not even acknowledge established case law upholding visitation to a parent. He works for the dark side. He holds a shrine to Satan in his basement and practices sacrificial rituals to keep up his demonic practice of child trafficking. His bonuses turn on destruction of human values as he gorges himself on the flesh of children.

As we examine more players of the family court in New York, it is painfully obvious why Tommy Valva froze to death. Monsters like Judge Zimmerman rely on paedophiles like John Cirando to traffic children.

Eighty year old senile paedophile, John Cirando of Syracuse
Retarded sidekick Rebecca Konst, can’t keep the old geezer upright.
Satan of Syracuse, John Cirando, Esq.