Joette Katz: Off Balance

Time for an intellectual and professional ‘fuck you’ to the off-balance nut job Joette Katz, retired associate justice of the wacked out court system of Connecticut.

Let’s examine the nutty opinion piece penned by the nutty judge, published in the Law Tribune on 9 April.  We note the silly word salad title claiming that something is ‘off-balance’.  Typical Orwellian doublespeak applied by the chosen ones to manipulate the reader’s mind and distort the nature of truth.  The truth is that the sovereign people of Connecticut have elected representatives who are smoking out the jewish rats of the judiciary; but Joette wants you to believe otherwise.  Nothing is ‘off-balance’, the government of the people, for the people and by the people is operating as designed and Joette and her jewish pals don’t like it.

Fundamental Principle

Joette’s first paragraph falsely claims a ‘fundamental principle’ without constitutional reference that the judiciary is to be independent of ‘We the people’.  How Stalin-like she is in her opening line….you four legged animals have no business exercising oversight of the chosen ones in black.  Joette claims that the black robes ‘insulate’ the equal state employees from actions of the legislature…yet she omits the fact that it is the legislature which limits the power of the court.  She further doublespeaks that such oversight will prevent the judicial dotards from upholding the rule of law.  Her first two sentences expose that Joette has no brain and no understanding of American governance.  Why should we listen to this bitch?

Rule of Law

Contrary to Joette’s delusional opinions, the people guard their rights.  ‘We the people’ do not rely on morons in black robes to guard something so precious as liberty, that is why we have the First Amendment under protection of the Second.  A constitutional democracy requires ‘checks and balances’ to function properly; her complaints against such ‘balance’ is mere treason.  A Jew’s whining against the goyim’s chosen form of government which rubs against the agenda of Zionism.  The legislature is doing its job and Joette is crying about it.  The self-exalted Jewish American Princess does not like the legislature’s oversight this year as the Zionists lost control to a poor brown Christian minority.  Joette publicly berates these lowly goyim life forms for their disobedience to King Jew Judge Solomon and his talmudic control of the Family Court.

Witch Hunt

Joette reaches back to the irrationality of Salem in 1692 to proclaim a witch hunt has gripped the State House.  While ignoring the fact that she and her colleagues despise sitting in family court, while pretending to be professionals executing a duty of office.  Her disdain is evident in that the family court is now the land of the ‘broken toys’, but fails to recognized it is the land of judicial thievery, extortion, child trafficking, money laundering, tax evasion, pedo protection and other unspeakable acts prescribed by the Talmud for the goyim in a Rabbinical Court.

Brave Souls

Joette whines that her jewish court pals get attacked by gentiles of the legislature who are beyond the control of the dark hand of King Solomon through the Bar Association.  Fellow jews like Adelman, Epstein, Wetstone, Emons get pummeled for child trafficking and ignoring the rule of law, like the people’s statutory requirement for ‘active and consistent’ involvement of parents in the lives of children; but destruction of parent-child bonds by the jewish family court is Kundry’s revenge and a talmudic edict enforced by King Solomon.  Why are these judges ‘brave souls’?  Committed to the Zionist agenda in face of the Constitution makes them brave?  Betrayal of oath is bravery?  Just call them domestic enemies of the Constitution and deal with them accordingly.


Joette defiles the proper functioning of the people’s government as ‘bastardization’….more word salad mixed with Orwellian doublespeak obscuring her annoyance that a Christian people are upsetting the jewish court larceny scam under the Guardian Ad Litem program.  Those pet lawyers upon which Joette conferred ‘immunity’ for their acts against Christianity in Carruba v Moskowitz. The jewish GAL foot soldiers of the family court, deployed by order of King Solomon to rape and pillage every last dime from a Christian family.  Some real bastardization of a court system there.  Curious to note the most despised and enriched GALs are jews.

Blog Bibles

Joette claims that ‘anti-semitic’ blogs are the new legislative ‘Bibles’ enabling ‘lynchings’ of King Solomon’s ‘fine individuals’ which silences other legislators.  Newsflash:  First Amendment is quite powerful, don’t like it, tough shit; attack it, then read the Second.  Anyone who comes out in support of the child trafficking family court of Connecticut will be attacked by free citizens of Christian, Islamic and Pagan religious beliefs….only the jews support child trafficking, rape and death.  R.I.P. Baby Aaden, your judge was a jew.

Ad Hominem Attacks

As the family court acts purely on the ‘discretion’ of the judge, who else is there to attack?  Attacking Judge Holly Wetstone for punishing a mother by taking away her kids does not create a ‘constitutional crisis’.  Stalin would not have stood up for Wetstone.  Attacking Judge Jane Emons for her Talmudic child trafficking in Fish v Fish does not create a ‘crisis’.  Not attacking her is a failure of the people’s government.  Attacking Judge Gerrard Adelman for his dark handed dealings in child snatching of Lulu in conspiracy with Rep. Rosa Rebimbas is duty of a Christian people, muslims too.  Attacking King Jew Solomon’s training of the judges under the shadow of the Talmud is just the beginning of the new crusade.  Attacking the dyke Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto for ignoring statute in isolating three kids from a mother while freakishly screaming ‘immediate and intensive therapy for everyone’ from the bench is a check to her insane dykish imbalance which threatens all children.  Her devotion to incarceration for overdue GAL fees betrays her Talmudic training requiring public attack.  Attacking Judge Anna Ficeto for failure to protect a sexually abused little girl is a people’s duty.  Attacking  retired Judge Annie Dranginis is requisite for her threatening the mother of a sexually abused little girl that state pedos are protected where a wink at Ficeto would take her child away.  Attacking Judge Mark Taylor for ignoring law and isolating two girls from their mother by demand of pedophiles is requisite.  Attacking the pedo activities of Judge Lynda Munro resulted in her resignation from the bench, a good thing.  Attacking Judge Schofield for threatening penniless mothers with incarceration for unpaid GAL fees is a necessity.  Attacking Joette Katz for demonstrating how deep the delusions of the chosen reach to oppress a free people is the essence of being an American.  Attacking Judge Carroll for keeping the family court bench book hidden from a free people is a First Amendment necessity; public scrutiny of a public forum is a people’s duty.  Attacking Judge Barry Pinkus for his failure to uphold the rule of law in condemning Baby Aaden to a watery death is God’s will.


In closing of her talmudic rant against a free people, Joette claims that the sovereign people of Connecticut through their elected representatives ‘seriously jeopardize the democratic legitimacy of our constitution.’  Perhaps Joette needs to reflect that the judiciary and its jewish players have already illegitimized ‘our constitution’,  jeopardized our society, harmed our children, defeated the rule of law and threaten liberty for all.  Family Court is a battleground, a Zionist war against a Christian society.  Attacks will continue until the Constitution prevails and the jews are run out of the judiciary.  Call it a crusade.

Martyr Baby Aaden

The blithering of Joette and her jewish pals should be silenced by the failure of the chosen family court system that denied poor brown Christian parents the same access to justice as rich white folk.  Let the death of Baby Aaden be the battle cry to take down the jewish court and the monsters who control it.

Editor’s Note:  Judge Katz is a jew, attended Brandeis University named after the first jew appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Prior to his nomination by President Wilson there were never judicial confirmation hearings.  The jewish nominee created the very mechanism of which Joette complains.


Baby Aaden, victim of family court, martyr for the constitutional crusade to cleanse the family court of its talmudic infection.





Judicial Nominations Are Being Thrown Off-Balance

By Joette Katz | April 09, 2018 at 12:55 PM

It is a fundamental principle that the judicial component of government is independent in order to insulate its members from punitive actions by the legislative and executive branches of the government. Only when the judiciary is independent can it make fair decisions that uphold the rule of law, an essential element of any genuine constitutional democracy.

In fact, it is the judiciary that guards the rule of law in a constitutional democracy. I recognize the equally well-established tenet that the legislature must enjoy its oversight function through the confirmation and reappointment process, but that oversight must be exercised with caution and discretion, after extensive and careful deliberation, if healthy judicial independence is to be maintained. Nothing has more negatively impacted these fundamental precepts than this year’s round of judicial confirmation hearings.

This editorial is not about the important decisions by judges regarding statutory construction or constitutional rulings about such weighty issues as the death penalty. Some of you will be relieved to know that this editorial is not about Justice McDonald, about whom much has already been written. Rather, it is about the witch hunt that began a few years ago against judges brave enough to sit on the family court, who some days make complicated decisions about pensions and other property interests but who mostly try to help sad and hurting people pick up the pieces of their fractured lives.

When asked years ago when I was a Superior Court judge if I would be willing to sit in Family Court, I replied “not even if it were a condition of probation.” That was not because I did not think it had interesting legal issues (it does) but rather because I knew I did not have the patience of Job; I did not have the ability to sort through the land of broken toys deciding which litigants were genuinely concerned about their family and which ones merely wanted to continue to punish the person they could no longer control.

Those brave souls who stood up when called for duty have gotten nothing but grief when their time for reappointment came. Not only are those judges vilified for appointing GALs for parents who do not behave with their children’s best interests in mind, but they are abusively disparaged for just trying to decipher the truth behind the allegations and for—God forbid—not always believing the assertions of litigants. Now they are second-guessed by some legislators, who have decided their role is to be fact finders, psychiatrists and ultimately judges. They chose to believe everything their constituents claim without benefit of hearing both sides or the threat under oath.

This is bad enough and a complete bastardization of their role, but now some legislators have given voice to anti-Semitic propaganda by litigants who blog obsessively about the “Jew overlords,” King Solomon (Deputy Chief Court Administrator Judge Solomon) and other “mentally deranged person[s] of Jewish faith.” Once treated as the rantings of mad men, these blogs are now the Bible of some legislators who engage in public lynchings of fine individuals for hours while other legislators sit on the sidelines, seemingly afraid to interrupt lest they be the next target.

It is not the fact of oversight that creates a constitutional crisis, but rather it is the lack of standards along with the ad hominem attacks that threaten the calm, deliberative process meant to govern legislative oversight. So unless the Legislature stops trivializing the process through one that more closely resembles the Stalin show trials, we seriously jeopardize the democratic legitimacy of our constitution.

Joette Katz is commissioner of the state Department of Children and Families and a former associate justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court. She also co-chairs the editorial board of the Connecticut Law Tribune