Queer Connecticut

The U.S. Department of Justice had to remind the jews of Corrupticut the difference between a cock and a cunt. The ruling chosen elite of the state cesspool now use the school system to impress upon the goyim that there is no distinction among the four legged animals when it comes to sex. Everything is confused, no definitions, no mores, just constant chaos to obscure the fact that the jews want to rape children at will … your children.

The feds filed a ‘statement of interest‘ in federal court against queer state boards of education of Glastonbury, Cromwell, Canton, Bloomfield and Danbury. School board of elected paedos who want swinging dicks peeing in the girls’ bathroom. Perverts also have cause to watch cocks swing down the track along with cunts … very strange.

Just take a look at the perverts of the Glastonbury Board of Education. Eight perverts who provide the jewish control over a Christian Society to fuck up everything to the tune of paedophilia. Rosemary Coggeshall, David Peniston, Julie Thompson, Douglas Foyle, Kristy Notarangelo, Ray McFall, Alison Couture, Chittaranjan Sahay. All so perfectly mixed. Four cunts, four cocks, old one, younger one, a chink, a nigger, two cracker males, an indian, three cracker females, faggots and dykes sprinkled among them. All twisted fucks who support the paedophile agenda.

DOJ’s filing is hilarious when read in view of the miscreants of the state school boards. DOJ reminds the world that Title IX is not about the mental defect of a black dick running track thinking he can compete against girls. This is high school folks!! Supporting mental defects to the detriment of society is a jewish game. Big black dick wants to hang out in your daughter’s locker room? How insane have these morons of Glastonbury become? Another bastion of Connecticut pedophile protection? Cops raping children? Chamber of Commerce business calendars exploiting children? A Town council of equally perverse character?

The federal lawsuit brings attention to the paedo character of the state. The conduct of the school administration is designed to promote the queer agenda and undermine societal norms, while defying federal law and human decency. There is a reason to have separate bathrooms for cocks and cunts. The jews want to reprogram your thinking and fuck up your kids.

Read the simple, legal and logical brief by DOJ here. Paedophiles and child rapists from towns like Glastonbury, Bloomfield, Cromwell, Canton and Danbury are going to use public funds to pay queer lawyers to advance the jewish concept of gender fluidity and mental disorders. The ruling queer elite of Connecticut are going to fight tooth and nail with all public resources available for paedo lawyers to attack Title IX. Just watch the taxpayer bleed to benefit the jews.

For fun, ask the paedos of Glastonbury at the next Board meeting, to define ALL the genders allowed in the bathrooms of the schools.

Editor’s Note: The disgusting ‘policy’ is a CIAC ‘conclusion’. Rather strange that CIAC Chairman is Anthony Azzara of Sacred Heart High in Waterbury. Perhaps the Archdiocese of Hartford has an excommunication to schedule?

Paedophiles of Glastonbury Board of Education
Chief Paedophile Glenn Lungarini of CIAC
Dicks running against cunts … see the dick? … pedoville Connecticut!
Glastonbury Town Paedophile Council
Men of Glastonbury … paedos!
Anthony R. Azzara, Chair CIAC, principal of a Catholic High School?