Judge Wilson J. Trombley: Traitor

Judges hold duty to protect the rights of litigants and to uphold the Constitution.  But not the old geezer Wilson J. Trombley, old fart and judge trial referee of Connecticut Superior Court in Waterbury, sitting on the bench in his Depends where before him stands minor kid, Mark Frenzel of Watertown.

The jewdicial miscreant Trombley, taking a payoff under the table from jew boy Attorney Steve Levy, entertains a claim for restraining order against Kelly Grohs.  Case UWY CV 17 4037928, Mark Frenzel v Kelly Grohs.  But it is not really the kid against Kelly Grohs, it is just William J. Grohs, the nut case x husband of Kelly, using the sophomore from Watertown High School as a pawn to harass his ex wife.  The relationship between Mark Frenzel and William Grohs is that Mark’s mother, Vickie Frenzel, is fuckbuddy of William.

Vickie was forced by William to use little boy Mark to lie about conduct of Kelly.  Vicki actually had to file the complaint on behalf of the minor Mark…..see here.  Vickie just put words in Mark’s mouth and had him swear it was truth.  Judge Trombley, paid to do injustice, played along.  Trombley even goes so far as to undermine the First Amendment by claiming that public scrutiny over the matter, commentary about the improper use of a minor in a corrupt family court dispute will bring harm to Kelly Grohs.  Yes, folks, Judge Trombley has made it a court order that public commentary, use of the First Amendment about William Grohs’ exploits of a minor and the felony conduct of perjury, will result in harm to Kelly Grohs.

The old geezer’s brain is so far gone, he can’t remember that the court is a public forum, subject to public scrutiny under rights protected in the First Amendment.  Geezer Trombley has made a court order that threatens the public with harm to Ms. Kelly Grohs, should the First Amendment protections be exercised by We the people.  Trombley is a jewdicial terrorist, working to undermine the Constitution.  Trombley places a bullseye on his forehead for all Patriots to sight.  Second Amendment exists to protect the First.  Tyranny is not defeated with words, pleadings or begging….tyranny is dispatched with bullets.  Life, liberty and the pursuit of all who threaten it; Trombley has cast his lot with traitors, terrorists and jews.

Even Judge Munro and Judge Wetstone state that publicity is the price paid for litigation.  If Vickie Frenzel dragged her minor son into court and forced him to lie, that is her choice.  Trombley holds no authority to trespass of constitutional rights of others to make comment on the miscarriage of justice by an old fart with no brains.  Geezer ordered the following notice sent to several members of the public:

“I am obligated to send this letter to you, per order of the court,.  Please know that your address was provided to me by opposing counsel.  I am requesting, per order of the court, that you not post, share or publish, in any medium, any statement concerning or touching upon Mark Frenzel.  I am making this request, and notifying you that your refusal to accept my request may cause adverse consequences to me.”

Note that the lawyers involved are Steve Levy for Mark Frenzel and David DeRosa for Kelly Grohs.  Two jews who can’t spell First Amendment.

Judge Trombley is a terrorist by his own choice and by his own orders from the bench.  He has failed to execute the duties of his office, he has declared himself a domestic enemy of the Constitution.  He made his bed, now he shall sleep in it.

State snowplows are everywhere.  Karma is swift.  Trombley carries the mark of a traitor.  Adverse consequences befall tyrants who attack liberties of the people.  The Tree of Liberty is thirsty…..


Karma plow, coming for Judge Trombley

Vicki Frenzel, unmarried step mother

Attorney Steven H. Levy, representing Vicki Frenzel

Dirtbag Connecticut Attorney David V. Derosa.

Wiiliam Grohs Aviation?

The natural manure.