Jewish Connecticut

If there was any doubt, Connecticut has proved itself to be under a Jewish sovereign, administering a Zionist agenda straight out of the Talmud upon the goyim. Whom other than Jews would want your daughter’s track team to have swinging dicks in their locker rooms? Whom other than Jews would claim that psychotic males with dicks can compete in women’s track events because they think they are female? Whom other than Jews would put such a policy in place for children in Connecticut’s High Schools?

Meet Glenn Lungarini, the demented executive director of the ‘private’ organization known as Connecticut Association of Schools, under which there is another ‘private’ organization called Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference which has jewishly declared that dicks are allowed in girls’ locker rooms and that any dick who claims he is a female can run on the girls’ track team. A perverted policy promoted by jewery to fuck with the goyim. The jews suspend the rule of law in the cesspool of Connecticut and replace it with the Talmud. Anything to undermine the culture and mores of the host society is promoted by the Jew parasite. Under Federal law, men and women are different, such distinction clearly indicated by the different construction and purpose of genitalia; penis vs. vagina. Under federal civil rights law, known as Title IX, the goyim recognize this and require equality in scholastic sporting events by having girls and boys teams. Pretty simple. But it is a target for the jews to promote their pedophile agenda.

Glenn Lungarini is proud to create such controversy by highlighting two demented black boys who think they are female. The word salad applied is ‘transgender’, which is a jewish term designed to fuck with the goyim. Gender is simple and has been for thousands of years. Meet Terry Miller of Bulkeley High and Andraya Yearwood of Cromwell High, two dumb fuck niggers with dicks who think they are females and belong on the girls’ track team.

Yearwood and Miller showing their black manliness competing in Girls Track. So Jewish.

Funny to note that if a black man hung out his dick in family court before jew Judge Donna Heller, he would be jailed for contempt of court, disrupting the ‘decorum’ of the proceeding. But, if some nigger whips out his dick in the girls’ locker room, it is to be respected as LGBTQI ‘rights’…word salad for Jewish fuckery of the children of the goyim. Needless to say, the ‘transgender’ spoof is a Zionist’s folly. Now some smart white girls from Glastonbury are bringing the federal hammer down on the jews and their silly games on the goyim.

Meet Selina Soule, a Glastonbury High School female athlete on the girls track team. She is smart enough to see the fallicy of males claiming to be females. She and two other female athletes filed a complaint with the federal government over the transgender scam promoted in Connecticut. A Christian faith legal organization, the Alliance For Defending Freedom, has taken up the complaint where Attorney Christiana Holcomb represents the girls. The transgender game is a battle between jews and Christians. The jews of Connecticut violate federal law and it takes those with Christian beliefs to combat it. Note that the jewish Southern Poverty Law Center designates the Alliance as a ‘hate group‘!

In reality, the Jews and the Christians are fighting over what is gender. The jews seek to undermine civilized society, overturn federal law, confuse the goy and of course rape your children. Only the jew will seek to normalize pedophilia and promote sodomy; messing with the girls track team is just a warm up. The Christians will be vilified by the jew for discriminating against sexually deviant behaviors, so loved by the jew. The jew will call it a hate crime and hate speech, but it is perfectly legal in America to hate the jew. See Today show reporting on the subject here.

Jews run Connecticut. No Christian father supports letting dicks on the girls track team or in the girls locker room. Just another jewish scam played out on the goyim in the cesspool of Connecticut. Only the jews could have the necessary control over the sexually deviant governor Malloy and the state legislature to pass a law in 2011 creating ‘gender identity’ which spawned ‘policy’ of allowing dicks on the girls track team….how fathers in the state have failed their daughters. Glenn Lungarini is a societal terrorist, putting boys on the girls track team under the guise of non-discrimination of fucked up males who ‘identify’ as females. In reality, a non-discrimination policy would be to allow the self-identified girl to run on the boys track team…which is not what the jews want. Note to Glenn and his jewish colleagues who are fucking up girls sports: XX is not the same as XY. But jews from the Frankfurt School will obscure that simple fact.

The jewish ACLU is putting up their own transgender lawyer, Chase Strangio, a self-identifying man born with no dick to argue against reason. Chase is the ACLU’s Deputy Director for Transgender Justice….just what the Zionists ordered.

South Park addressed the issue with complete sincerity. View reality here.

Jewish puppet Glenn Lungarini head of Connecticut Association of Schools, a private organization promoting pedophilia and other crimes against children. Fucking up girls high school sports for jewish agenda.
Terry Miller, gender confused nigger running for Bloomfield High School on the girls track team, with a visible dick. A jewish game. No reason he can’t run on the boys team as a self identified girl.
Andraya Yearwood, demented nigger from Nigeria with a mustache ‘identifies’ as a female. A jew’s hero!
Selina Soule of Glastonbury High School, smart enough to know that dicks on the girls track team is a violation of federal civil rights law, Title IX.
Attorney Christiana Holcomb defending Title IX against dicks on girls track teams.
These two dicks think they are female and compete against girls. Cut their dicks off?
ACLU Attorney Chase Strangio, a self identified man born with no dick defending self identified girls born without vaginas to run on the girls high school track teams in Connecticut…a jewish agenda. XX is different from XY, but the jews know better.
South Park Strong Woman Competition, with transgender competitor….Connecticut, the jewish cesspool.