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New York’s Jeffrey Dinowitz takes on forensic psycho-babble in family court.

Just when you thought the jews had everything under control in family court, along comes Jeffrey Dinowitz, NY assemblyman from the Bronx to really confuse the issue. Jeff is chair of the state judiciary committee, Jeff is a jew, Jeff has lived forever in the Bronx, Jeff has never been through a divorce, Jeff is a lawyer, Jeff has painted a bullseye on his forehead for questioning the authority of the forensic psychology practiced by his jewish brethren in family court.

Tomorrow at 10am, Jeff will host a public hearing in Manhattan at 250 Broadway, to bring forth more horror stories of goyim prosecuted in family court for being non-jewish. Jeff has feigned concern for the conduct of the jewish court and its overpaid vendor vultures. He is using Orwellian double speak of ‘rights of children’ to confuse the public in addressing ‘systemic changes’ to the court, alluding to various problems experienced by litigants…the unsuspecting targets of court parasites. Like the jewish elite of New York are going to let Bronx Boy upset their number one legal cash cow? Family court reform? Oi vey! The State Bar has probably already put out a hit on Jeff; look for a new floater in Hell’s Kitchen.

Jeff makes twisted claim that he is particularly interested in how forensic evaluators are used in family matters. ‘Forensic Evaluators’ being the false label applied to the jewish form of psychology from the Frankfurt School of kikery. All that is wrong with a Christian society can be remedied by Talmudic application of jewish doctrine for the un-chosen ones. After all, the jews brought no-fault divorce to the Christian world.

Forensic evaluators, having no legal definition nor published standards, are simply court whores appointed by the jewdiciary to plunder family savings, destroy parent-child bonds and feed the parasites. Destruction of the Christian family unit being a prominent element of Zionism. Jeff is going to review how these jewish court tools are used in a custody case, including the lack of any non-jewish certification. Jeff wants to make sure that the court whores are ‘qualified’ to fuck up your family.

Blog aficionados are well acquainted with Family Court Whores, the low life child predators who profit from lucrative judicial appointments that do nothing but advance the Zionist’s agenda. New York’s own Dr. Jackie Bashkoff leads the hit parade in forensic child trafficking, having been the star of the Montoya v Davis decision, handed down by Judge Christine Clark of the Third Department. Classic jewish child trafficking spotlighted by the appellate court. The blog’s hit parade includes: Dr. Stephen Humphrey, Dr. James Joseph Connolly, Dr. Liz Schockmel, Dr. Stephanie Stein-Leite, Dr. Bruce Freedman, Dr. Stephen Herman and NYC’s famous dark man Dr. Jama Adams.

Perhaps Jeff will take a hard look at the role of the forensic evaluator in the murder of Jennifer Farber Dulos. New York’s own Dr. Stephen Herman protected the psychopath murderous husband. As the Dulos kids now live in NYC, this case should be of interest. One could say that the State of New York licensed Dr. Herman to kill Jen.

But to answer Jeff’s concern, there is no science of psychology that can support the imaginary ‘custody evaluation’ relied upon in family court. It is all a scam and a well documented scam, as psychology is not a science but a mere humanity. No case law upholds any standard for ‘forensics’ in family court, it is just window dressing for the goyim while being financially sacrificed upon the jewdicial bench. Dr. R.E. Emery of the University of Virginia did publish a paper stating the fallacy behind psychology and family court. Perhaps Jeff should read it. The jew’s game is obvious.

Jeff is playing with fire, as he is about to piss off the entire AFCC organization, the jewish mob of judges, lawyers, psychologists and pedophiles who profit from trafficking children in family court. Hell’s Kitchen might just become Jeff’s permanent waterfront residence.

Jeffrey Dinowitz, a great annoyance to the Family Court Jewdiciary