Reasonable Person

Ever notice when the jews have lost the argument they default to the ‘reasonable person’ claim? This mysterious individual of no identity, no religious affiliation, no cultural context is the last card to be played by the jew in the defeat of the goy in a court of law. The jew resorts to fallacy argument tactics while executing parasitic attacks on the host society. The jewish form of reason has little to do with American culture, Christianity, or human decency … it is just jewish.

According to the zionist jew, a reasonable person would not own a gun, would not voice an opinion, would not shoot the monarch’s troops, would not talk ill of a stolen land called Israel, and certainly would not engage in ‘hate speech’. No logic, no basis in law, just jew speak to subdue the goy in their own courts. The jew also considers ‘best interest of the children’ to be made by the same secular reasonable person. Alas, this imaginary person is just the personification of jewish control of the goy. After all, there were 109 countries of ‘reasonable people’ who expelled the jews from their lands over the course of history. Oi vey!

Let’s take a look at the white supremacist, public official, police officer in Cincinnati who got his feelings hurt by internet commentary on his appearance in a public forum at a city council meeting. This veteran white cop, sworn to uphold the law, claims to be a ‘reasonable person’ in suing free citizens for free speech under his pseudonym M.R. in state court, where Judge Megan E. Shanahan, allows the public official to proceed in secrecy bringing a libel complaint in violation of the First Amendment. Oi vey, the jews run the courts! There is no getting around the ‘reasonable person’ standard in the cesspools of lower state courts, where the goy are flogged under tenets of the Talmud for holding faith in a Constitution not approved by the jew. Not that anyone forced the jew to come to America to live under the First Amendment, but they will destroy all that is not kosher.

Let’s be honest, no judge can be so stupid as to allow a public official to proceed in suit under a fictitious name against a peasant. Not even a Cincinnati Law grad. No judge can be so stupid as to issue an injunction of prior restraint against free speech because of the hurt feelings of a public servant. No judge is that stupid. Shanahan is owned by the jewish muscle which controls the Thin Blue Line, the American version of the Nazi SS. A force so powerful as to suspend the Constitution in a court of law. After all, it is what a ‘reasonable person’ would do. Judge Shanahan has exposed her masters, betrayed her oath, declared herself a domestic enemy of the Constitution and has drawn a bullseye on her own forehead for all the well regulated militia of the Ohio valley to sight their 2A instruments with .308 ball ammunition, F35 smart bombs and death rays from the space station, optional. A judge is a mere state employee, paid to uphold the law, undermining the Constitution is not part of the job description. When the court becomes the instrument of terrorism, a Patriot’s ball and powder are called to respond. The tree of liberty is very thirsty.

Read the amicus brief here, by Attorney Jeff Nye, educating the moron in black on the American version of free speech. By the way, the identity of the cop is Officer Ryan Michael Olthaus, a 40 year old clown with a gun, badge, and attitude. He has been on the force for 12 years. A SWAT team commando, gang banger hunter, white boy compensating for a limp dick, with an unhealthy love of Dirty Harry movie scenes. Just the type cop who will shoot your dog for being black.

Judge Shanahan, domestic enemy of the Constitution
Patriots have duty to spill the blood of tyrants to refresh the Tree of Liberty.
Thin Blue Line is designed to fuck you up! Get in the boxcar!!!