Time to take a seasonal look at the family court mafia organization known as the A-F-C-C. This jewish organization founded in 1963 in a Los Angeles Courthouse, by jew Judge Roger Alton Pfaff, his pedophile pal Meyers Elkins and of course his marauders of zionism. The new president is a judge of non-Christian origins who sits in the same courthouse where the evil AFCC organization was hatched over fifty-five years ago. Judge Dianna Gould-Saltman is the new head jew of the global mafia of family court. Now just ask yourself why a state judge has time to parade around as the head of the AFCC? California taxpayers funding the jewish agenda of family court?

Of course, we all know the answer as to why the AFCC exists and why so many judges have to be part of its management. But there is a more curious aspect to this child trafficking operation…ain’t no niggers on its board. Look at the mug shots of all the crackers of upper management of AFCC. Only crackers be into raping children and plundering family assets….never did see a synagogue on the black side of town. This AFCC bunch is white, racist, pedophile, corrupt and above all, it is a jewish game.

Not a single nigger in the management of child trafficking….a good thing!

The origins of paedohilia in the western world is deeply rooted in the jewish diaspora. Deviancy, perversion, abuse are hallmarks of the jewish parasite in western culture. It is presented in all its zionistic glory in the tax exempt organization known as the AFCC…Association of Family and Conciliation Courts. A perfect jewish front operation to undermine any elements of Christianity in dealing with children under the guise of ‘rule of law’. The scam is supported by jewish reliance on psycho-babble with origins in the Frankfurt School, a jewish front espousing destruction of western societies, along with the foundations of the christian church. But no niggers play the game of the jew in the AFCC. An association of court vendors with the singular goal of destroying families and advancing a zionistic agenda. Raping little boys just ain’t a nigger thing.

The new prez is a jew and her husband Richard is a jew and they both feed off of pain and suffering inflicted on families by the vultures of family court. Check out hubby’s website here. The jerk claims he is McGyver of law. No one in Los Angeles has anything nice to say about him. Just another jew with a law degree, trafficking children. A jerk of a judge from Los Angeles is hardly anything new, the trafficking goes on, children are raped, jews get rich, same old game. The rest of the Board is a hilarious mix of paedophiles, deviants, homos, dykes and assorted human filth. A pointed disclosure of what AFCC is really about. But not a single nigger, which highlights the jewish game of the organization.

But let’s give a shout out to Peter Salem, the Executive Director of the AFCC mafia. Yes, he is still the poster boy of the organization, a Catholic who does not know his faith, putting on a face for the devil and his jewish foot soldiers. Keep up the good work Peter, the devil holds a special place in Hell for you. You cannot escape your sins. One day Peter will be arrested for felony tax evasion for false claim that the AFCC is entitled to tax exemption when its true purpose is profit and revenue generation through manipulation and deceit.

Executive Director of AFCC Peter Salem, professional child trafficker.
National Jewish Child Trafficking Operation