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NY Family Court Standards…Not!

The horse has spoken! The fat lady has sung! The cat is out of the bag!

Dr. Robin M. Lynch, PhD, has stated under oath in a public hearing before the Chair of the Assembly Judiciary committee, Jeff Dinowitz, that the NY Family Court holds no standards for application of the nefarious court appointed ‘custody evaluator’! Dr. Lynch holds “grave concerns about the lack of standards, training and oversight in child custody evaluation and the resulting harm to children.” She claims that child custody evaluations require specialized training and their evaluations should be standardized.

Watch the hearing in action here.

Let’s translate that into common folk speak for the victims of family court. The Jews of the Frankfurt School created a junk science based on their chosenness to malign a Christian society which is done by order of a rabbinical court under rule of the Talmud against the goyim. The American fuck barrel! The reason that there are no standards in ‘child custody evaluations’ is that there is no definition to the term and there are no analytics associated with the field of psychology that can be rigourously applied. Psychology is a humaninity, not a science. An evaluation is an opinion not an analysis, custody of a child is a jewish term to undermine the Christian concept of two parents being blessed with a gift from God. Only Jews will find a way for the state to create conflict between parents over their own child so court players can make money. Family Court is the devil incarnate and Robin Lynch is Satan’s hand. Custody is a racket.

Dr. Lynch claims that performing ‘custody evaluations’ is dangerous work where she must ‘step into the fire’ to determine ‘truth’, by applying patience, tolerance, to methodically develop a clear understanding of the ‘abusive dynamic’, as evaluations are an important ‘instrument’ for getting at the facts, allowing the court to create ‘just decisions’ representative of the court’s highest ideals. (oi vey, the bullshit is deep)

What da fuck did that court whore just say?

Dr. Lynch is a jewish tool of the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, a private organization that sounds very official but is nothing more than a jewish institution designed to undermine a government of a free people and traffic children for their pedophile masters. Lynch wants Dinowitz to believe that this Council can provide the ‘training’ necessary for the court of a sovereign people to do its job. Don’t let the people govern themselves, the jews create councils, associations, institutes and associations of chosen ones who know what is best for the goyim. Jews will even define hate speech for you….something they hate! This National Council is headquartered in Reno, Nevada and gets implied credibility from being associated with the Universtity of Nevada Reno, which has the biggest laser of any engineering school in the country….Zap that! The Council is closely affilliated with the totally jewish and blog famous AFCC organization; jewish goats and crackers who profit from the trade of child flesh.

Dinowitz followed her remarks by re-stating that the state holds no training or certification requirements for ‘forensic evaluators’ appointed by the monsters in black robes. Duh, who did not know that? The 1st and 2nd Departments have a list, where names of psychobabblists are placed to fool the goyim into thinking they have been vetted by the court, in reality it is just a mechanism to keep the unchosen court whores out of the feeding trough of court funding. The 3rd and 4th Departments of upstate do not have lists, anybody, anywhere, at anytime can be appointed by the local judge to say anything under the guise of an ‘evaluation’. Our blog famous court whore Dr. Jackie Baskoff is a prime example of the jewish rape of children in family court.

On cue and on script, Dinowitz asks the million dollar question: What training should we have? Lynch responds on script: We need to create training in New York State that is very comprehensive, focused on the issues, define the process, regulate the appointment. Boom, slam dunk, the jews have it on the record before the Assembly….the state must implement the jewish prescribed training program to save the children!!! In between the lines is the statement that says the State will fund the training program by paying Lynch and her pals big bucks….the name of the game. Buried in the new scheme is the exclusion of all non-jewish non-goy-hating-Christian types who must be excluded from the family court cesspool as it is the feeding trough for only the chosen shit lawyers, shit judges and skanky court whores, like Dr. Lynch and her psychobabble pals.

The recent drama concerning failed court whores peddling snake oil under the guise of psychology in family court stems from the scathing decision in Montoya v Davis where Justice Christine Clark of the 3rd Department ripped Dr. Jackie Bashkoff a new asshole for getting caught trafficking Lori Davis’ ten year old son with Judge Jill Kehn of Columbia county. The pedos got exposed, Dinowitz is orchestrating damage control.

The famous blog reminds the reader that there are no elements of psychology applicable to the jewish family court question of who gets the kid. See the paper by Dr. Robert E. Emery of University of Virginia stating that there is no science or methodology. It is a simply a public scam.

The stage has been set, the skids greased, the jews are forcing the taxpayers of New York to fund a system that will legitimize the psychobabble of the Frankfurt School through the state court system to further malign the goyim under the teachings of the Talmud….fuck the Constitution!

Dr. Lynch is a state licensed quackster and chair of the Child Custody Evaluation Committee of the State Association of Psychbabble Quacksters. She chairs a committee on a subject that does not exist….just ask Dr. Emery. Note that Lynch is educated in Columbia University Psychobabble Department, the same curious institution where Dr. Richard Gardner, a known pedophile, perfected his ‘parental alienation syndrome’, before he committed suicide by stabbing himself eight times in the chest. The jews are everywhere!! Epstien didn’t kill himself either.

Be warned, family court is a den of jewish theives, where the parents are fleeced and the children raped.

Dr. Robin Lynch, PhD, court whore, child trafficker, custody evaluator scam artist.
Jeff Dinowitz, Chair New York Judiciary Committee, doing the jews bidding to fund Frankfurt School training to supress the goyim.
Pedophile child trafficker slammed by the Appellate Court for being a court whore. Sparked hearings by the Assembly.
Child trafficker and mother hater, family court judge Jill Kehn of Columbia County and sponsor of court whore Dr. Bashkoff.
Clark, J, authored opinion in Montoya v Davis shredding the court whore Dr. Bashkoff and the sponsoring trial judge, Kehn, J of Columbia County. Exposed the pedo game of family court and the scam of psychologists.