Domestic Terrorist

A walk down Broadway in Saratoga Springs, New York reveals that terrorism is everywhere. The town where the American Bar Association was formed in 1878 is now home to a domestic enemy of the Constitution, Judge Jeffrey D. Wait.

Back in August of 1878, a hundred lawyers from all over met in Saratoga Springs to form an association of the legal profession to advance the rule of law. But now we have Jeff Wait sitting on a bench, shredding the rights of everyone and wiping his ass with the Bill of Rights. Wait is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. He was an undergrad ski bum at University of Vermont then went to the bottom of the tier law school of Western New England in the armpit of Springfield. No one ever flunks out of this school, Wait is an example of what passes for the study of law. He is a local yokle to the Spa City, graduated from City High. His influence and legal expertise only serves to short the taxpayer on parking fines, as he magically cut the cost his daughter Jen’s excessive and very unpaid parking violations in half. A true American jurist, misusing his office to cheat Saratogians out of revenue. Sounds totally jewish, the chosen not accountable for illegal parking like a goy.

Wait is also known for going skiing with the rest of us, getting bumped, then initiating a lawsuit once he determines the other guy has insurance. Wait is always after something. His true jew shining thru. Even his wife, Mary Lou is known for initiating a lawsuit looking for damages because she said her boss ‘sexually abused’ her. Jewish, but a bit delusional. The mark is no longer her boss and she does not work at the company anymore. Guess the lawsuit flim-flam scam did not work as planned.

But now we have the misfit Jeffrey on the bench pretending that he is smart enough to handle parking tickets and other City Court matters. Oi vey, is he out of his league. Jeffy’s latest faux pas on the bench is to dismiss a matter because the plaintiff does not have a lawyer. Rather a curious twist of law, even for a clown like Wait. But, it is quite in line with the antics of the Wait family that we Saratogians have come to know over the years.

Wait pretty much put his legal foot in his mouth as on one hand he denied access to the court for lack of a lawyer, but on the other hand Wait holds the power to appoint counsel, but refused. Would have been simpler if Wait just said ‘fuck off’ he is not hearing the case and is protecting someone for nefarious reasons outside the law. That is our Jeffrey. So stupid that crossing the street could be his downfall.

Think twice before entering the Saratoga Springs City Court with Jeffery Wait presiding. Unless you have lots of parking tickets and are a cute friend of his daughter, then wink and smile … judicial favors abound.

Wait, terrorist on the bench.