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Unethical Emons!

What does an unethical judge do after she gets kicked off the bench for being unethical? She lectures on ethics!!!

Just when we thought that bad judges disappear from the legal landscape, we find the blog famous Judge Jane Emons in the public eye, pretending she is an authority on ethics. The famous blog cannot make this shit up! Our dear Jane was spotted giving training to lecherous members of the Fairfield County Bar on the ‘ethical treatment’ of pro se persons appearing in the cesspool of Connecticut family court…her old stomping ground.

Jane, along with the nefarious Suzanne Sutton and fellow jew lawyer Barbara Schellenberg, all of the jewish firm of Cohen&Wolf, PC, hosted a ‘training session’ covering the following topics:

  • How to effectively advocate against a self-represented litigant
  • The effects of social media interaction with a self-represented litigant
  • Ghost writing and the self-represented litigant
  • Conflicts Rules and the self-represented litigant
  • Rules of Professional Conduct relating to self-represented litigants
  • Explaining to your client the ramifications of litigating against a self-represented party
  • Ethics Opinions and Case Law

For $70, which included lunch, anyone could obtain 1.5 continuing legal education credits peddled by this trifecta of court corruption. Jane is billboard legendary. Suzanne Sutton has extensive experience working for dirtbag jewdicial chief counsel Martin (Marty) Libbin in the Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel. She is a true inside dirty court player, well versed in the elastic concept of ethics of the practice of law in Corrupticut. Alongside Suzanne we find fellow jew Barbara Schellenberg who is a super lawyer…whatever that means.

Given the pathetic conduct of the family court, it is a laughable consideration to think that ethics apply in the cesspool among bottom feeding Bar members who traffic children for shekels. Just ask Jennifer Dulos or Baby Aaden. Of course, the public is well aware that the judges and the lawyers are a tag team to abuse the pro se litigant in family court. Winks, nods, secret handshakes and of course kickbacks ensure that the law is not equally applied where a person walks into the cesspool without paying for representation to a foot soldier of the court. The rigged system has no ethics, of which the public is painfully aware.

The family law vulture group of Cohen&Wolf is led by Richard Albrecht, another super lawyer, who hired the debenched Judge Emons after her boot from the court for being a monster in a black robe, especially to pro se litigants who had the misfortune of entering her courtroom. Destruction of parent-child bonds being the hallmark of Emons and her dirty pals. When there is no law to practice, just purchasing judicial discretion, the chosen ones are the pros to teach the game. Jane will instruct you on how it is done…professionally!

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