Judge Jeffrey D. Wait of Saratoga Springs, child abuser!

Time to spotlight the devil who walks among us. Cloaked in a black robe, with duty to protect children and uphold the law, Satan himself presides in Saratoga Springs City Court, Judge Jeffrey D. Wait. A moronic excuse of a human, holding no intellect along with a worthless law degree from Western New England School of Law, this miscreant cannot spell rule of ‘l-a-w’ when it lands on his bench. A simple matter of child support came before Wait. A child involved in a case before his bench lacks the legally required support order. A motion was made to remedy the omission being a simple requirement of state and federal law that such child be properly supported. Welcome to the dark world of child trafficking and the evil abuse hidden under the judicial robe of Jeffrey Wait.

Does Wait execute his simplistic administrative duties in fashioning a support order for the minor child? Does he execute the duties of his office? Does he perform his trite job function? NO! Of course not, that would be like following the law! Wait chooses a different path. No child support for the kid! Zip, notta, zilch. His motives are the darkest side of humanity: Child trafficking. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing people that he did not exist. But every now and again he trips up and exposes himself from under a black cloak feigning justice.

There is no legal, technical nor discretionary reason that a child be denied the requisite support orders set down in federal and state law. A judge who denies such order exposes the dark hand of his evil masters, while betraying the state to criminal and civil liability. Draped in black, in the center of Saratoga Springs, the devil walks among us. A danger to society, a threat to children, a public figure using his office to abuse and traffic children.

The Unified Court System of New York has exposed itself as state sponsored child abusers. The office of Chief Justice Janet DiFiore did not respond to requests to explain how Judge Wait is allowed to deny rights to a child in defiance of the law.

Be scared, very scared!

Judge Jeffrey D. Wait, child abuser.
Jeffrey Wait is even a danger to children on the ski slopes. See TimesUnion article
Satan walks among us. Judge Jeffrey D. Wait
Chief Justice Janet DiFiore, chief child trafficker and overseer of state sponsored child abuse.