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Judge Gerard Adelman

Jew Court

The now-famous, WORST blog takes aim at the vagueness of Connecticut family court orders to expose the jewdical powers wielded by misplaced zealots sitting atop benches rooted in the Constitution. Another plain example that the family court is a jewish invention created to destroy the Christian concept of family, injecting jewish venom deep into the fabric of society for no humane purpose, just glee of… Read More »Jew Court

Adel Liar!

A simple way to discredit the jew hucksters is to use the word salad against them. Here is the disinformation Gerard Adelman provided to ‘we the people’ in 2009, before becoming one of the most inhumane judges of the family bench, his remarks at his appointment hearing. Good afternoon Chairman McDonald, Chairman Lawlor and members of the Judiciary Committee. My name is Gerard I. Adelman.… Read More »Adel Liar!

The Worst!

The now-famous Blog has been declared THE WORST by Judge Gerard Adelman of Connecticut family court who opines the following: This blog, produced by an unnamed person, is filled with anti-Semitic, homophobic and racist rants of the worst kind. It is based on the belief that the entire family law bench and bar in Connecticut and other states are being controlled by a mysterious Jewish… Read More »The Worst!


Judge Gerard Adelman of Connecticut family court has proved to the world he is a stark raving mad lunatic in a black robe suffering from grand mental defect. The evidence of his insane lunacy is the divorce decree issued in the Ambrose drama that has spanned three years and drained the family bank, inflicting emotional harm upon three gifts from God. The jew got his… Read More »Lunatic!

Dumpster Fire

The clowns of the Connecticut Judiciary never cease to amaze in their inability to follow the simple recipe of due process set down in practice rules, ignored by the morons in black along with the brainless zombies labelled clerks. The judicial circus of Adelman and Moukawsher attempted the flaming juggling act on disbarring a zealous advocate but lit the dumpster on fire, taking due process… Read More »Dumpster Fire

Michael Volpe Investigates

Michael Volpe investigates the child trafficking in the Ambrose case. Conduct of Connecticut jewish players gets the investigative journalist spotlight: Judge Jane Grossman, Judge Gerard Adelman, Attorney Nancy Aldrich, Attorney Jocelyn Hurwitz, Dr. Jessica Biren Caverly, PhD, Dr. Robert Horowitz, PhD, Dr. Debra Gruen, PhD. Jews raping childhood for the reward of shekels and destruction of the American family institution. Read investigative report below by… Read More »Michael Volpe Investigates


The evil jew Gerard Adelman of Connecticut’s rabbinical family court goes in for the slaughter of childhood, draining kids’ blood to make his matzah. The dickhead jew of Regional Family Trial Dungeon reconvenes the Ambrose case after elimination of mother’s lawyer. Three childhoods slaughtered in sacrifice to the jewish god of money. Blood drained to make matzah. Devoid of human compassion, Adelman’s worship of the… Read More »Adelmonster

Jewdicial Conspiracy

A clique of self-appointed child predators inside the third branch of government of the cesspool of Connecticut conspires to create a private club of judges, lawyers, vendors of the family court to maximize familial and financial destruction of a sovereign people. The judiciary makes the ‘flesh crawl and the conscience clatter’ in betrayal of public trust. Marilou Giovannucci a benevolent idiot employed as a ‘manager’… Read More »Jewdicial Conspiracy

instantia crucis

The miscreant jewdicial monster of Meriden has found CRUCIAL cause to get the Ambrose financial fuck fest back on track for resolution. By the numbers the ‘track‘ started in July 2019, by application for a simple, administrative, no-fault divorce to be granted under state law. Now 920 days later, Christopher Ambrose is still married. WTF? Is Attorney Nancy Aldrich of Westport so incompetent that she… Read More »instantia crucis

Best Interest Fallacy

The best interests standard of talmudic law in family court is a fallacy created by jews to traffic children and loot family savings. What is best interest? Who decides the interest? How has this word-salad created the standard of family law that the world recognizes is totally jewish? Because it is totally jewish. The protection of infants came under the power of the King, who… Read More »Best Interest Fallacy