Judge Gerard Adelman

No Scrutiny Allowed!

Sua sponte, the public right to scrutiny, in its own courts is thwarted by jewish rule of Judge Adelman! The goy are not allowed to observe the jewish pedo scam of child snatching. The family court trickery of citing jew psychobabble as ‘evidence’ in a divorce proceeding is hidden from public view by the Dark Lord himself, the dishonorable, unconstitutional, child molesting, disease ridden, moron… Read More »No Scrutiny Allowed!

The Horsemen of Evil

Things happen for a reason in this world. Good things occur because of good intentions and dedication of good people expending good efforts. Bad things happen because of ‘evil doers’. The now famous blog exposes the evil men who drive the evil family court of Connecticut: Solomon, Adelman, Albis, Bright and Robinson, five sons of Satan who traffic and abuse children, rob families, destroy parent-child… Read More »The Horsemen of Evil

Abu$e of Discretion

The jewish form of family court does not rest on the rule of law, but the ‘discretion’ of the jewdicial authority. Equal protection does not apply, every divorce is different, no standard of best interest applies, it is all cleverly arranged to allow a jew in a black robe to wreak havoc on the goy, while siphoning family savings into jewish pockets. Discretion is simply… Read More »Abu$e of Discretion

The Adelman Shit Show

Here is a little exposure on the jewish form of trial court in the expensive process of obtaining a ‘no-fault’ divorce in Connecticut. Christopher Ambrose is now in his 95th week of pursuing the elusive ‘no-fault’ divorce, as such protracted litigation goes along with having family savings and jewish lawyers. The more money, the longer the jews take to decide how to issue the ‘no-fault’… Read More »The Adelman Shit Show


It’s privacy you idiot!!! The new jewdicial standard of law in the personal star chamber of the Dark Lord of Connecticut family court is PRIVACY!! The general public must be excluded from a divorce proceeding because Judge Gerard I. Adelman has something to hide. Oi vey, the jews are masters of Orwellian double speak when it comes to protecting the chicanery of fellow jews engaged… Read More »Privacy!

Jewish Contempt!

What better way to undermine the Bill of Rights than for a jewish lawyer to plead to a jewish judge a claim of ‘contempt’ against a mother who exercises First and Fourth Amendment protections. The jews of Connecticut Family Court are so sloppy these days, they don’t even try to hide the Talmudic antics in the Rabbinical Court formerly known as the Superior Court. Oi… Read More »Jewish Contempt!

Search & Destroy

The Fourth Amendment must now be surrendered to obtain a ‘no-fault’ divorce in the State of Connecticut. In the star chamber of Judge Gerard Adelman of the family court, jewdicial discretion acts upon the unsuspecting goy to seize a mother’s computer for no legal purpose. Instead of a search warrant seeking fruits of a crime, the court calls it ‘discovery’, citing no due process. The… Read More »Search & Destroy

Adelman Fatal Flaw

The great Dark Lord of Connecticut family court commits fatal error in the Ambrose case! The tyrant in black, so eager to perform a momectomy on the kids, went over the edge in his private star chamber where he forgot that the public is watching. In his jewdicial rage, he turned public criticism of vendors into criminal speech, accusing mom of threatening and harassing conduct… Read More »Adelman Fatal Flaw

Discovery Master!

Judge Gerard Adelman, the dark lord of the Connecticut Family Court appoints retired pedophile protecting Judge Elaine Gordon to hunt down freedom of expression! As usual, the now famous blog cannot make this shit up. The insanity of the Ambrose case hits an historic and unconstitutional high, in the name of obtaining a ‘no-fault’ divorce. The new twist is that the mother is so evil… Read More »Discovery Master!

Jew Jokeness

Time for some blog famous word salad to highlight the antics of the Connecticut family court in its constant efforts to fool the goy that the rule of law exists. We start with the constitutional term of ‘due process’, that special procedural path which upholds liberty and protects the rights of all. When the racketeers of the Bar get hold of it, the term morphs… Read More »Jew Jokeness