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Public Policy

An enlightened society holds common cultural beliefs which in today’s morass of ‘murikan dystopia is referred to as public policy. There is benevolent structure in most policies, letting a bunch of uneducated, purposeless morons from third world shit-holes illegally cross the border is not an example of public policy, but domestic terrorism wielded by the jews who seek to eliminate the white Christian race. The disconnect between law and policy is a dead give away that jews are involved. Let’s take a look at family court discretion that violates public policy.

In Connecticut there is a statute which requires ‘active & consistent’ involvement of both parents in the lives of the children of divorced parents. Jew judges ignore this, violating the public policy supporting strong families and well cared for kids. A jewish deviancy. Kike joy of severing mother-child bonds in spite of Christian beliefs.

There is public policy and constitutional protection that court proceedings are open to the public, see PB§25-59, but not for jew judges, who hide the jewish ‘custody evaluations’ from a curious public, close the court room for jewish expert testimony, seal transcripts, concealing the jewish scam from the public, lest the violation of policy be exposed. All by jewish discretion, in violation of law. Jew judges ignore First Amendment to promote deviancy, jewish supremacy over the Constitution gives a kosher chubby.

There is no public policy requiring parents to communicate via a pay for use service owned by jews called ‘Our Family Wizard‘, it is a violation of the First and Fourth Amendment, but jew judges order it routinely, as it makes money for the jews of AFCC. There is no public policy that approves use of this private pay communication system for the goy … another jewish delicacy.

There is no public policy defining ‘supervised visitation‘, there is no legal definition, there is no licensing of the alleged professional service, no approved pricing, no regulation, but jew judges appoint jew pals at ridiculous rates for the vague purpose of privacy violation. It is quasi-criminal, done without due process, no jury, just jewish harassment of goy, a jewish delicacy.

There are no state standards for parenting, but jew judges appoint fellow jews to perform undefined co-parenting co-ordinator services, no definition, no specifications, but costs $250/hr. State will not pay for this service for poor families in need of jew specified services, it is only for families with bank, before a jew judge. Money being the true interest of jewdicial discretion.

There is no legal necessity for a GAL in a no-fault divorce matter, but a jew judge will always appoint one for a family with money, the exorbitant fees are always fair and reasonable. There is no law nor policy to appoint a private jew pet with immunity, providing a state ordered service absent a written contract, scope of service, warranties, just another jew example of fleecing the goy, hiding the transaction from the IRS (no 1099). Simple extortion. Jews created immunity for their private pay extortionists, outside of public policy.

Jewdicial discretion of no rational basis is the foundation of family court, no due process required to sever a mother-child bond, jews ignore Fourteenth Amendment. Jew cunt Ellen Peters calls it ‘broad discretion’ but SCOTUS calls it violation of due process … like the fucking jews of Connecticut care.

The business plan of the jew mafia of family court is laid out in the 2002 Rowland Commission Report where jew judges led by Annie Dranginis promote higher fees for jewdicial GAL pets, more private pay vendors, like jewish psychologists and jew therapy. All in public view, the jews feed on destruction of families, rape of childhood, calling it public policy.

The jews of family court even ignore rulings of the state’s high court, requiring the trial judges to decide every matter that comes before it, but the jews dismiss motions without a care, maligning mothers for too many filings!!! It is jewish deviancy where the black robed state employee refuses to perform the job function, as the chosen are not bound by law nor authority.

These nutmeg jews even make the goy grovel and beg for permission to use the court, an alien concept brought on to deny access in violation of state constitution Article First §10 where justice is available to all without sale, denial or delay, unless it is a pro se goy mother pleading to hug her children, then the jews close the courthouse doors.

Public scrutiny of jewdicial powers in family court is a First Amendment right of the sovereign public, but is thwarted by the whim of the jew judges, concealing jewish opinions from view, secretive jewish justice wielded upon the goy, outside of public policy. Tyranny.

The now-famous worst Blog concludes that family court of Connecticut is a jewish cesspool, based on edicts of the talmud, a rabbinical court, there is nothing in court orders that reflect a published public policy for the well-being of children, Simply Money. Proof positive jews run a tyrannical operation outside the law, outside policy, outside common decency. Jew judges and lawyers have usurped power the sovereign people, for which they must pay a heavy price.

Anyone going to be surprised when a judge gets assassinated? The American policy on dealing with tyrants. Who would not shoot a jew judge to protect a goy child? Think of the Second Amendment as a public policy.

Alex Cuda, jew leader of the dog pack raping childhoods for billable hours, worthless excuse of a human.