Judge Anna Ficeto

Spot The Pedos!

The now-famous-blog takes time to highlight the pedo players in the Harris case out of Waterbury JD. Just another pedo play where two seven year old twin girls, Scarlett and Skye, are daddy Dana Harris’ deviant play toys. Same old pedo play, daddy abuses daughters, mom cries foul, pedo court maligns mother, sole custody to pedo dad, no visitation for mom, no hugs for kids,… Read More »Spot The Pedos!

Punishment By Child: Upheld!

The big dumb nigger of the Connecticut Supreme Court has upheld punishment by child! The cruel and unusual punishment of taking kids away from a mother to invoke the wrath of a jewish family court judge is just another day in the cesspool of state courts. Nigger boy Justice Richard Robinson will bitch about black cotton pickin’ slaves, but will let white children be used… Read More »Punishment By Child: Upheld!


The lawyers who practice the dark art form of family law, preying on children, before deviant judicial authorities, play nasty tricks on ‘we the people’ by creating fact from fiction, passed by whispers, until it is spoken to the judge to create a basis for illegal orders. Let’s examine how misinformation is created in the star chamber of Waterbury JD, the court of Judge Anna… Read More »Whispers


What game does Connecticut play with the courts? On one hand the courts are open per state constitutional clause, the courts are public forums, federal Constitution provides public right to scrutiny protected in First Amendment, the nutmegers are a sovereign people, responsible for the proper functioning of the government of the people, by the people, and for the people. But there is a cadre of… Read More »Game?

Ficeto’s Dick

Time for the now famous blog to highlight Judge Anna Ficeto’s dick and what drives her to ram it in the ass of childhood. Ficeto lives in Wolcott, Connecticut in a big house at 13 Diamond Rock Rd. She is a miscreant of a human and a deviant child predator. She is a heretic, taking communion as a mislabeled Catholic, keeping her beastly tail tucked… Read More »Ficeto’s Dick

Agati rules fair!

The Italian jewdicial grease ball of Waterbury JD, Salvatore Agati rules that evil Judge Anna Ficeto is a fair judge!! The hypocrisy is palpable. Two jewish judges who pretend to be of the Catholic faith traffic Sofie and Evie Grohs along with their large trust funds, depriving them of hugs from mother and family for over four years. Agati rules it is all FAIR! Lock… Read More »Agati rules fair!

Ficeto: Punishment By Child

The jewish miscreant masquerading as a Catholic, wearing a black robe, concealing her spiked tail does a constitutional Eighth Amendment smack down in the Connecticut cesspool of family court. Judge Anna Ficeto spews forth her demonic wrath upon a mother, ranting on the record that just punishment is served by isolating children from mom. Punishment by child is alive and well in the jewish gulag… Read More »Ficeto: Punishment By Child