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Spot The Pedos!

The now-famous blog takes time to highlight the pedo players in the Harris case out of Waterbury JD. Just another pedo play where two seven year old twin girls, Scarlett and Skye, are daddy Dana Harris’ deviant play toys. Same old pedo play, daddy abuses daughters, mom cries foul, pedo court maligns mother, sole custody to pedo dad, no visitation for mom, no hugs for kids, not even a child support order as pedo Dana charges his pals to play. Oi vey, Judge Schofield just cranks out the pedo orders, like no one is watching. Let’s examine the pedo players on the lawyer side.

First there is pedo daddy lawyer, a single shingle misfit (boutique) out of New Haven, the twisted Nicole Shepter. Another worthless cunt of a lawyer who takes pedo money to pay for her BMW. White bitch advocating for black dad to rape his daughters without interference from mom. Jews do anything for a few shekels, Nicole probably pays to watch.

Nicole Shepter, jew pedo lawyer trafficking little girls for deviant pleasures.

Nicole’s website manifests her psychosis that she has special abilities, but her track record proves she is a pathetic lawyer, having fallen to the bottom of the barrel of legal filth. She writes like a chicken and does not like the internet. The blog takes note of her delusion that she has a sixth sense of staying one step ahead of her adversaries. Dartmouth undergrad and Tulane Law, practicing family law in Corrupticut? Bullshit like that makes her an instant blog star!!! Conspiring with pedo dad to rape little girls is her legal speciality. Of great interest that Nicole lined up Dr. Nancy A. Eiswirth, Ph.D. as an expert when the family is so poor the state provided funds for the GAL. Get a free GAL, but pedo dad is paying for Nicole, who is also hiring experts? No money to evaluate, but magically there is money to prove dad is not a pedophile … sound familiar? Eiswirth is the cleaner, protect pedo dad, assassinate mom. Her game is the following:

Dr. Eiswirth is a licensed clinical psychologist and forensic psychologist, and is expected to testify on the subject of child victims of sexual abuse. Dr. Eiswirth is expected to testify to the evolution of protocols for conducting forensic interviews of children, the general structure of such interviews, and the types of questions those interviews should contain. Dr. Eiswirth is further expected to testify on the procedures for interviewing child victims of sexual abuse. Dr. Eiswirth is further expected to testify on the subject of appropriate parenting during high-conflict divorces. Finally, Dr. Eiswirth is expected to testify that the Plaintiff’s disclosed expert is not qualified to render an expert opinion in this matter.

Pedos always bring the EXPERTS as the judges always follow the pedo expert advice! Jewish experts the best! Nicole hoodwinks the court with a false financial affidavit of the father, who spends $678 a week more than his net income, but is not on food stamps? Then Nicole fabricated a child support worksheet failing to disclose the financial fraud by her own client. Where did the money for the GAL come from? Nicole is getting paid by the Pedo Bank? Follow the money. Sometimes these pedos are just so full of themselves, they forget that blog sees all.

Next is the guardian ad litem, Jill Alward, another single shingle low life of the Bar, living off family court appointments, paid to traffic children, or starve. Jill finds mom to be ‘shady’. This miscreant is such scum as to not even have a website, typical for a Quinnipiac Law grad. No worries, blog will provide free advertising!

Jill Alward, GAL trafficking two girls to be raped by dad and friends.

Blog takes great interest in lawyers, serving as GALs, with absolute immunity who show up in court represented by another lawyer. Bloglicious! Why does Attorney Alward have to be represented by John Ghidini, a lawyer specializing in DCF neglect matters? GAL Alward got cold feet, knowing that the public could see her efforts to cut mom out of the picture, let dad have his way with daughters, uses pedo pal Attorney Ghidini to provide air-cover, as the rape of the children is court sanctioned? Where is the practice rule or statute that allows a court appointed GAL to be represented by a lawyer? Where? What is going on here? Who is paying for Ghidini? More blogliciousness evidence of child trafficking and pedo protection.

Curious appearance of John Ghidini, Esq. representing the GAL who is raping the daughters.

Now to review the unconstitutional handi-work of blog famous Judge Schofield, child rapist extraordinaire. Read the insane decision here. Schofield goes out of her way obscure the action of simple no-fault divorce with irrelevant commentary of daddy’s high cholesterol, trivial employment, failure to pay utilities or feed his family. Schofield claims that the marital relationship EXPLODED because dad was molesting his daughters. Emphasis on ‘explosion’ placed on the mother, as pedophiles do not like to be exposed. Schofield blames the explosion on mom because jews find child molestation comforting. PTSD caused by a pedo in the house is obviously mom’s fault. Schofield labelled the family situation a ‘recurring nightmare’ and ‘a scenario from HELL’. Ficeto, J sent the matter to family relations for study in January, but cancelled it in April, relying instead on the expertise of GAL Alward and her personal counsel Ghidini. Judge Schofield states Alward was ‘invaluable’ to the court. The court ordered full psychological evaluations on everybody, therapy for everybody and took the kids away from both parents, gave them to paternal grandma. No evaluation was ever completed. The court is ‘extremely troubled by mom’s mental state’, which prevents her from understanding that dad is not really a pedophile. Court made factual ruling that dad is NOT A SEXUAL PREDATOR!! Court notes that Wolcott Police examined the girls’ vaginas, making finding of no sexual assault. Mom suffers from obsessive delusion!. Then the court cut off all visitation with mom, because the internet exists, something Ficeto, J does not like. Zealous advocacy by mom’s counsel resulted in pissed off judicial authority, who tried to ‘diffuse the explosive situation’ by scheduling more hearings to address the constitutional due process failures of the court. The court had desire to invoke its wrath of contempt power for tardiness because of snarled traffic, but graciously refrained. To ensure that Scarlett and Skye do not hug their mother, inducing a psychological break, continue their drug induced, special drink, participation in pedo world, mother is not allowed to hug them, ever! Only a video call, which dad can interrupt by court order.

Blog editors note that the writing of the decision is by a third party, not by Judge Schofield, not a clerk, probably GAL Alward. Pretty obvious. Find the author, arrest the conspirators. No psychological evaluation was performed, as the family lacked money for private pay, but could pay for dad’s lawyer and expert witnesses. No family relations division services provided, as Schofield cancelled Ficeto’s referral. The court turned its decision on the opinion of GAL Alward, who was being paid by the pedo state. Why were judicial branch ‘services’ denied these children? Family is black, family services people are white, court denies black kids ‘services’. Sounds like a mistrial. Ficeto denied the services, Schofield proceeded in trial knowing racial discrimination biased the court, violated due process and equal protection. But daddy’s lawyer says he makes $75k/yr, WTF? Seven year old girls going to therapy at Wellmore for what? Diagnosis not mentioned by the court who had to mention dad’s high blood pressure and cholesterol problem … pedos are so obvious. Dad was even ordered to therapy … for what, not being a sexual predator? Judge Schofield improperly delegates court authority over visitation to Maria Lopez and Tess Stokes? Mother’s hugs are in the control of whacknut quack social workers from Wellmore? That is a lawsuit in itself!

Honk, while driving by 261 Todd Road in Wolcott, where two more toys of the pedo ring are isolated from mother because Judge Ficeto and Judge Schofield ruled that O.J. is not a murderer because it was not proven in court. Pedo logic is just nutty. Another case of a simple no fault divorce which results in sex toy isolation from mother, trafficked by judges working for the dark side. In Connecticut, the screams of children are silenced by judges of the pedo ring.

This case is typical pedo, but the jewdicial crackers screwed up by denying the black family access to ‘services’ from the white professionals of the ‘family relations division‘ under the executive control of blog star Deborah Fuller ($178k/yr) and her boss Gary Roberge ($190k/yr) who conspire to deprive services based on skin color. Oi vey, this is gonna be good!!! Ficeto and Schofield are toast, two nut jobs having no business being on the bench or around children. Let the howling begin!!!

Keep an eye on Attorney Jill Alward, she is up to no good!

Judge Marylouise Schofield … can’t prove dad is a pedo, so take the girls away from mom…solves everything. Punishment for mother for not agreeing with the court.
dis nigger ain’t no pedo, just ask the pedos!!
Happy prison of Scarlett and Skye Harris. Honk to say hi!
Jill Alward earns her blog star, children are in danger.
Deborah Fuller, denies ‘services’ to black folk, to protect pedos and malign mothers. Jewdicial cunt.