CJ Richard Robinson

Unequal Kids

The people of Connecticut need to examine the unequal nature of their government when it comes to kids. Public policy advocates for strong families, safe homes, good parents, and well cared for children. The utopian desire for Pleasantville is codified in nutmeg statutes at CGS 17a-101(a). The state has a massive agency called DCF, with a huge budget, large fleet of cars, copious federal funds,… Read More »Unequal Kids


Welcome to Gulag Connecticut, an open air prison, where the Constitution is suspended and the government tramples ‘we the people’. The now-famous blog highlights the specific acts of specific players who work to undermine the rights of the people, for the benefit of jews who profit from trafficking children in the mislabeled ‘family court’. Gulag Connecticut’s most powerful jew family court judge, Gerard Adelman recently… Read More »Secrecy

Frank Report: Chris Ambrose

The evils of Connecticut family court are not difficult to spot. Read the first in a series of articles on the jewdicial conspiracy to protect a pedophile and traffic children: FRANK REPORT. Looks like CJ Richard Robinson and Judge Michael Albis have some explaining to do. Judges Adleman and Grossman should be in federal custody along with Attorney Jocelyn Hurwitz. Law enforcement and state child… Read More »Frank Report: Chris Ambrose

Family Injustice: A Crime In Court?

The jewish games of the Dark Lord have made it to video. On youtube. Nigger boy Robinson is so proud of his court system that he is out raping little kids this weekend with his jew pedo pal Gerard Adelman. Jews and niggers, the evil of Connecticut, funded by a sovereign flock of sheep. See what happens when niggers and jews get together to rape… Read More »Family Injustice: A Crime In Court?

Communist Court

Most Americans do not realize the underlying ideology that drives the horrors of family court in a Christian society. It is not the moral compass of an enlightened people, it is the design of communism. The concept of ‘no fault’ divorce did not spring forth from the demand of a unified society for an enlightened purpose of a benevolent people, rather it derives from a… Read More »Communist Court

Weaponized Kids

How the jews of Connecticut weaponize children for the sole benefit of jews. Ever realize that the Bar Association is a jewish invention? The invention of no-fault divorce is jewish. Custody fights are jewish. Efforts to destroy the Christian sacrament of marriage are jewish. Minimizing the importance of family as the foundation of society is jewish. Promoting sexual deviancy, pederasty and butchering of genitalia is… Read More »Weaponized Kids