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Mother Mary

The Theology Department of the now-famous Blog examines the underlying ideology of Connecticut Family Court to expose the doctrine on which judges rely to separate mothers from children. No where in the animal kingdom, the history of human kind is there natural cause to separate children from mothers. No religion in history ever held doctrinal faith that attacks the mother-child bond. Why is derogation of mothers so pronounced in the third Branch of state government led by Chief Justice Richard Robinson?

Motherhood holds a special place in an enlightened society. Absent protection of mothers and infants, society ceases to exist. The next generation comes from the womb, it is the singular source of survival for the human race. Why does Robinson’s Branch attack motherhood routinely, cloaking demonic acts in guise of ‘best interests’? The theology of family court’s passion of destroying mother-child bonds lies in the modern day jew and the zionist agenda attacking the Catholic Church. Nothing to do with constitutional law, civil rights, due process, equal protection, simply jewish hatred of the Catholic faith and the zionist need to destroy it. Pretty simple, very obvious, yet quite mis-understood.

The Catholic Church holds Mother Mary in sacred regard, the fruit of thy womb Jesus is Holy. The Holy family is spread thru sacrament of marriage to create husband and wife, children are gifts from God, the family being the foundation of the Church and Christian Society. All being hated by the self-chosen jew. A faithful Christian society will subdue the jew, treat him as an outcast, shun him, even expel them from the country in protection of the politic, as done more than a hundred times in the last millennia. Jews were a hated people long before Christ, where Emperors expelled them from Rome. King Edward I expelled them from England in 1290. Queen Isabella kicked them out of Spain in 1492. Martin Luther found them unfit for baptism in his new religion of 1517. Catherine the Great had no use for them thru 1796. Czar Alexander III expelled them from Moscow in 1881. Jews fleeing Hitler found no refuge in western countries; no one wants them. Connecticut family court is Kundry’s revenge. CJ Robinson’s attack on motherhood is simply jewish ideology in desecration of Mother Mary; tenets of the Catholic Faith. It is a holy war campaigned from the high bench in Hartford waging justice as jewish weaponry in destruction of fundamentals of Christianity.

There is no STATE INTEREST in disturbing mother-child bond. The sovereign people gain nothing when jew judges strip fit mothers of custody on complaint of an un-holy father. The child is harmed, the mother is harmed, society is harmed, lawyers benefits financially, a father satisfies narcissistic psychosis, the jew judge relishes in derogation of motherhood, Kundry prances in joy, the jewish destruction of society marches ahead, one victimized family at a time. The STATE holds a policy for strong families, loving parents, well cared for children, but only as words on paper penned in 1965, an era of culture long gone from the twisted woke politics of today. The family court operates on DISCRETION of a judge, an alien concept for any constitutional republic; discretion rooted in jewish beliefs, not law. There are no ISLAMIC judges on the family bench, as the teachings of Prophet Mohammad prohibits parents from fighting over children, the infidel court violates religious law in separating mother from child. Most Americans hold the truth of motherhood to be self-evident … Robinson’s jewdiciary has a different calling, holding demonic purpose, in violation of the establishment clause.

The reality of Connecticut is a government on the attack of Mary and motherhood. A jewish ideological war against founding principles of the Church; funded by the taxpayer for the self-chosen to usurp power of the people’s law to wield blasphemy from the bench. The jewdiciary begs an ideological war. We the people hold dry powder and shot to protect the establishment clause. Those who seek to invoke their twisted theology on the attack of motherhood in hatred of the Catholic Church shall perish, refreshing the Tree of Liberty. Good ole fashion southern lynching of the dumb nigger in the black robe is an acceptable remedy to protect children. Lucifer welcomes the nigger sloth to hell.

The doctrine of the ruling elite of Connecticut is rooted in jewish cause to treat the goy as four-legged animals, obliterate culture, children be calves to slaughter, jew state control wherein it is unrecognizable as human, a mere slaughterhouse of humanity. In the eyes of Mohammad the jew judge is an infidel, abusing children. All true believers are called to jihad until the big nigger swings.

Jihad motherfucker! The jew must die to protect the children.

The natural manure, jew puppet nigger.
Second Amendment provides protection of motherhood from jewdical branch.