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The High Revenue Players Club

Just another collection of mugshots.  The Subcommittee on ‘high conflict/revenue’ family court racketeering.  See any familiar faces?  Read the report on fleecing at link.

Same game year after year, miscreant vulture lawyers, lowlifes, pedophiles and predators feasting on Connecticut Families with the protection of lawyers in the legislature, cops, prosecutors and pedo judges.  It takes a state government to traffick children.

High Conflict Subcommittee: (2002)
Judge Lynda B. Munro (Chair)
Sidney Horowitz, Ph.D.     Pat D’Angelo     Robert Tompkins, M.A.  
Marsha Kline-Pruett,Ph.D.     Phyllis Cummings-Texeira, MSW
Stephen Grant, M.A.     Judge Herbert Gruendel      Honorable Jim Abrams
Deborah Grover, Esq.     Sheila Horvitz, Esq.     Tom Collin, Esq.
Don Hiebel, Ph.D.     Professor Carolyn Kaas      Dr. Kyle D. Pruett
Barbara Tinney      Barry Armata, Esq.     Debra Ruel, Esq.
Shirley Pripstein, Esq.


Dr. Pedo Sid Horowitz

Dr. Pruett scam artist

State Asshole

Dr. Kyle Pruett

Scum GAL Barry Armata

Debra Ruel child trafficker