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Nusbaum Fraud

The now-famous Blog spotlights Connecticut’s regulated craft of plunder in the highly regulated profession of law, a den of thieves known to all as ‘family court’.  The jews of the Gulag conspire to rape goy wallets in the name of legal services, another jew scam to bleed four-legged animals in fabricated custody fights. The judges of the jewdiciary, responsible for regulating the ‘honorable profession’, promote and protect the plunder and loot racket incidental to state issuance of administrative ‘no-fault’ divorce. A jewish racket, protected by state government, no benefit to society, a danger to children, a jewdiciary actively promoting fraud for the benefit of the jew.

Attorney Edward Nusbaum is a jew shyster out of Westport, a pathetic bottom feeder of no intellect, who rapes wallets for his self-described expertise in family law.  Nusbaum is a thief, protected by Judge Taggart Adams to steal $98k from the mother in the Ambrose case.  His invoices show phone calls to other lawyers as the only service provided, no motions, no briefs, no filings, no court appearances, no depositions, no discovery, no proposed orders, nothing but time spent on the phone for $750/hr.  Nusbaum files suit, for unpaid fees, using fellow huckster Alex Trembicki, against a penniless mother to extract a pound of flesh, the attorney-client dispute over insane billing and lack of work product, reveals Nusbaum’s trickery, employing a deceptively modified services agreement to exclude discovery in fee disputes, which Judge Taggart Adams upholds, as a tenet of the ‘honorable profession’, forcing a fleeced client to arbitration controlled by the Bar’s den of thieves. Have a dispute with a lecherous lawyer who charges an arm and a leg, but delivers nothing, where the Bar Association will arbitrate your whining and force you to pay, the judges will protect the ill gotten fees, as they get a cut, cash under the bench. It is the  jewdiciary!

The now-famous Blog’s better business department finds Nusbaum’s services disclaimer rather frightening:   Prior to signing this Agreement, you should consult with an attorney concerning the above-referenced terms. In a highly regulated profession, controlled by judges, why does a member of the public need to hire an honest lawyer to review a services agreement to hire another honest lawyer? Why would a lawyer, subject to the Rules of Professional Conduct, advise a client to hire counsel to review his services contract? According to case law from the State Supreme Court, lawyers must be honest, must be believed to be honest by the community they serve, must have proper character and abide by the rules. If Nusbaum is honest, why advise a client to hire a lawyer to review Nusbaum’s terms? Hiding something … oh yes, the dispute clause. Nusbaum will only take on clients who surrender their right to sue him for malpractice and be barred from discovery in suit … because Nusbaum is a crook and his services agreement proves it.

The grand revelation of this deceit is that Judge Taggart Adams upholds a deceptive contract, enforcing Nusbaum’s trickery. A judge responsible for the regulation of attorneys, enforces trickery prohibited by Rules of Professional Conduct. Dishonest lawyers are protected by the court for fleecing goy for ill-gotten billable hours. Judge Taggart violates judicial Canon, failing to be impartial or to uphold the law or human decency, where money is involved, there is only plunder and loot, no pretense of the honorable profession survives. Anyone think that $98k for talking on the phone is anything but plunder and loot? A goy jury will find jewish trickery and theft, which is why the services agreement bars malpractice suit … a jewish shield. Why does Judge Taggart Adams prevent the dispute from facing a jury? Afraid the jewish scam of plunder be exposed in open court, under oath, on the record, where Nusbaum would take the stand under oath to committing perjury that $98k is proper for legal services of chatting? That other family court lawyers would testify on Nusbaum’s behalf that his plunder is reasonable and customary for Connecticut jewery? Judge Taggart Adams could not allow such spectacle to expose the ‘honorable profession’ in its full glory of being a looting machine. What if there is press coverage at the trial of Nusbaum the thief? What other lawyers dare take the stand to testify to honest plunder? What if jurors all celebrate Easter? Will Nusbaum argue $98k produces tangible work product? Honestly?

Now-famous Blog points out that Judge Taggart Adams is part of the jewdicial mafia, fleecing goy under color of dissolution law. A jury will find Nusbaum a thief, trickster, charlatan, engaged in craft of plunder, where goy are fooled by jewdicial trickery that the regulated honorable profession is honest, being a racketeering operation for plunder completely controlled by mafia dons in black robes. Imagine hospitals where medical treatment is withheld for failure to waive discovery in malpractice suits. A car mechanic advising drivers to hire another mechanic to review details of an oil change. Case law on the subject demands charlatans like Nusbaum be disbarred, but Judge Taggart Adams ignores stare decisis to promote craft of plunder. Judge Adams has a sworn duty to deal with the misdoings of Attorney Nusbaum, but betrays oath in favor of shekels. Here is the high court ruling, which Judge Adams ignores for his kickback of fees:

It is not enough for an attorney that he be honest. He must be that, and more. He must be believed to be honest. It is absolutely essential to the usefulness of an attorney that he be entitled to the confidence of the community wherein he practices. If he so conducts in his profession that he does not deserve that confidence, he is no longer an aid to the court nor a safe guide to his clients, forfeiting all right to practice.  60 Conn 11, 17.

The fundamental issue before Judge Adam Taggart in Nusbaum v Riordan is a dishonest attorney, for whom the court holds cause to disbar.

Editor’s Note:  Jewdicial authority enforces deceptive contract of officer of court who bars client from using court to resolve a fee dispute with the officer of the court, where the judges not the people regulate attorneys … sounds like racketeering outside control of the sovereign … very jewish.

Jewdicial conspirators bleed goy for dishonesty, abhorred by the honorable profession, but ignored for shekels, racketeering protected by Judge Taggart Adams.

Nigger Boy Robinson regulates the honorable profession, where the public needs to hire counsel to review terms of services with crooks like Edward Nusbaum, the honorable profession is mere craft of plunder in Corrupticut.

Jews Edward Nusbaum and Alex Trembicki conspire to defraud a mother of $98k, the honorable profession of Connecticut is a jewish racket protected by dishonest judicial authorities, such as Judge Taggart Adams.