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Red Flags

Profiling produces some statistically significant results, even in family courts.  Let’s take the GAL racket, simple profiling review reveals that out of thousands of lawyers, only a select few are repeatedly appointed in cases where there is serious money to be made, by the same judges.  A statistical anomaly indicative of an artificial bias created in the process.  Simple judicial corruption readily visible by casual observation.

Profiling cases by involved players is also a useful technique.  Take a case where Attorney James Ruel,  GAL Christopher Goulden and Judge Lynda Munro all appear.  Instant red flags!  Their presence indicates that there is money.  The six and a half years of litigation is a red flag that something more than money lies beneath.  Knowing the track record of the legal players and the fact that the mother is getting bludgeoned to the point of being homeless, there is statistical correlation that the two little boys in this family are cause of the protracted litigation.  Dig a little deeper in this drama and there is great strangeness in what is not a simple divorce matter for Erik Kuselias.   Father’s infidelity, hiding of assets, constant modification of court orders of financial benefit to the father, non-compliance with court orders and mother is always the victim of the judicial remedy.  Even an arrest by state police of the father for assaulting wife; mysteriously gets expunged.  Profiling says daddy is ‘special’ in the Connecticut underworld.

Note that Attorney James M. Ruel specializes “in high net worth divorce matters and high conflict child custody matters”.  So where ever Ruel shows up, there is money and conflict, which he has expertise to inflame and prolong, while draining the client’s bank account, with judicial blessing.

Then note that Dr. Robert Horwitz, quack chosen psychologist of New Haven was involved in ‘therapy’ with the little boys.  RED FLAG.  Profiling of this case concludes it is a pedo case, the machine has been protecting pedo dad for years, while methodically destroying the mother one court modification after another.  First the fraud by dad is ignored by the court, then the alimony goes away, then the child support is reduced, then visitation is restricted, then promises are broken, homelessness is looming and Judge Munro has set the trap to steal the pedo toys and erase mom from the lives of the boys; while dad says the boys just lie about him sleeping in their beds.

The state protections afforded pedo players, wife beaters and all around male psychopaths is astounding.  Erik Kuselias is a native Nutmeg boy out of Hamden.  Educated at Brown and Michigan law, one would think he has some brains, but there is an internal defect which causes everything he touches with his wandering dick to turn to destructive drama.

Celebrity golf commentator for ESPN, NBC, Golf Channel and some AM radio outfit, this guy can fuck up a rock.  In 2009, having a lovely wife, two kids, house in Bethany, job at ESPN, Erik had need to pork his broadcast colleague Stephania Bell.  Needless to say, promises made in this studio romance were not kept.  On complaint of sexual harassment, ESPN kicked him out the door for violation of employment contract and other causes.  Bell kicked him out of her bed and house.  Instantly, 42 year old Erik found employment with the Golf Channel in Orlando, where he charmed the panties off of Holly Sonders, 23 year old golfing nymph in need of a father figure, falling for the charming narcissistic personality disorders of a man fresh out of an adulterous affair and still married to the mother of two adorable boys.  Women are strange; Holly is really strange.

Of course there is the rumor of Erik’s termination from NBC and a subsequent settlement putting more than a million bucks in his pocket, which of course is all known to the Connecticut lawyers who are feeding off of that money, none of which is properly caring for his two sons.  A million bucks in the pocket of a family court litigant sets off alarms in the Bar Association, which explains the appearance of Ruel and Munro.

The drama, the celebrity status, the money would attract top shelf lawyers to deal with the soap opera.  But not in Connecticut, Lynda Munro is involved.  She does not do celebrity cases, she does pedo cases; the notorious child trafficker and main judicial character of the book Worst Interests of the Child which details how blatant child trafficking and pedo protection is carried out in the Nutmeg State.  Looks like Erik Kuselias is going to be the main character in the sequel.

After six years of a relationship with the golf swinger, Holly Sonders has had enough, she filed for divorce from Erik in July of 2016, but she is still married to him.  Did she finally see the monster in her bed?  Did she finally recognize what Erik is about, who is protecting him and why?  Does the Fox Network have concern for its reporter’s choice in men who abuse children and hate mothers?  Given Erik’s first divorce is still litigating into its eighth year, looks like Holly can expect to be in court for a while.  Erik has peculiar pleasures and is looked after by Judge Lynda Munro.

Erik screws around; mother tends to the boys, while being victimized by pedo ring lawyers, Holly is running.  All red flags.

Follow the red flags.