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Victim Advocate

The Superior Court of Connecticut employs child predators as VICTIM ADVOCATES. Robert Eccleston, 58 of Canton had a nice $100k/yr job masquerading as a court employee advocating for victims in Hartford Criminal Court. Feds arrested him a little over a year ago for kiddie porn. Like that surprises anyone? A state employee of the judicial branch preying on children, no surprise there. What is curious is how many of his pedo pals on state payroll will he rat out to reduce his sentence? No one believes he is the only pedo in the court system. He pled guilty yesterday to one count of kiddie porn.

Read the arrest affidavit here. It reveals that Eccleston used the judicial servers to access the child porn site, not that anyone noticed besides the FBI. An open secret that judicial leadership provides no oversight to using branch internet services for predatory purpose on the tax payer’s dime. Wonder what CJ Richard Robinson’s browser history shows?? The description of criminal conduct by FBI Mike Syrax exposes another one of Connecticut’s finest. But after Eccleston was collared on 11 December 2020, for pictures of pre-pubescent vaginas, videos of sexual abuse, forced sex acts, and other jewish delicacies, his wife Susan filed for divorce three days after Christmas. A holiday to remember.

Even though the divorce was uncontested, Attorney Deb Ruel and Attorney Melissa Veale dragged out the simple act of submitting the agreement of dissolution for eleven months. Pedo Robert lost his job on arrest, but Susan is worth $150k/yr as a budget analyst on state payroll. No-fault divorces are bread and butter to lecherous lawyers, nothing is cheap. Susan became free of her deviant pedo hubby, needing massive amounts of therapy and alcohol to deal with the realization that she slept with a monster who probably did more to little girls than look at pictures. Pedos be everywhere in Connecticut, many even in black robes, sitting on a bench, pretending to act in children’s best interests. Robert hid it from Susan, judges like Adelman and Moukawsher can hide it from you too!!! Think twice about listening to advice from a Family Relations Officer, trafficking in flesh goes with the territory.

Just a public service warning that pedos walk among us, where there is one there are many. Victim Advocates are child predators, what about the custody evaluator, GAL, the judge? Beware of the judicial branch. Beware of Connecticut.