Attorney Geraldine Ficarra Obituary

The death of Geraldine FIcarra was cheered loudly in the dungeons of hell.  Finally Satan has in house counsel of whom he can be proud.  This monster of the Connecticut Family Court only served Satan and the agenda of the chosen ones.  A twisted sloth who relished in making money from the pain and suffering of the children of the goyim.  Raised a Catholic, she lost her soul to the devil upon admission to the Bar and practicing the predatory evil of the Family Section.  Her love for the power of the chosen ones and the profits from Family Court infected her so that she betrayed Christ and became a Jew.  The professional associations as a Jew in family court were quite beneficial; trading in the young flesh of the goy is highly rewarded by doting jewish judges like Solomon, Epstein, Wetstone, Adelman and Munro.  Belief in money was her strong suit, who had to suffer for it was irrelevant to her.

Her clients are now out in the cold.  There is no lawyer coming to the aid of the vermin who employed the sloth.  The Superior Court is holding a hearing on 28 November to appoint her partner in crime Attorney Michael Peck to address the mess she left behind.  See case detail.  Read her miserable obituary here.  Bow your head and thank god she is gone, pray that the gods take a few more like her as well.

All the obit could say about her miserable existence in family court was “A solo practitioner for much of her career, she focused on family law – divorces, custody cases, and often served as a guardian ad litem representing minor children in cases before the court.”   She spent her life inflaming familial discord, draining family savings accounts, destroying people’s lives to line her own pocket.  Watch no one shows up at the memorial service as she owes too many unpaid kickbacks.

May the devil keep her and cherish her for eternity for the harm she has done to Christian children.  May the gods consider Dembo, Bozek, Ruel, Gersten, Brigham, Haakonsen, Kennedy, Fasano, Munro, Dranginis, Murphy, Adelman, Solomon to join her.

The Late Attorney Ficarro