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Dr. Marc Abrams, PhD

The now-famous Blog spotlights another kike ‘the-rapist’ of family court cesspool of New York State’s anti-motherhood jewdiciary, Dr. Marc Abrams of Mt. Kisco, NY. Abrams holds public distinction of being appointed by the rabbinical court of Judge Lewis Lubell, to execute a momectomy on the Kassenoff family of Larchmont, funded by the evil, mother hating, child abusing psycho Allan Kassenoff, a partner in the evil law firm of GreenbergTraurig, wielding undue power and influence to supplant the rule of law, using administrative ‘no fault’ divorce in character assassination, holding no legal cause. Blog notes the fabricated credentials of kike Abrams to fool ‘we the people’ that the study of humanity gives foundation to sever mother-child bonds, promoting anti-Christian agenda of familial destruction, pretending to be a NEUTRAL custody evaluator; fabricator of biased opinions, not based on science.

Abrams is a self-declared expert in all things FORENSIC, a mask which corrupt judges of the NY supreme court use to shred mother-child protections of the substantive due process clause of the Fifth Amendment. A jew’s game to defeat founding principles, defeat a sovereign people, while enriching the chosen at the expense of children. Oi vey, more jews, more pain and suffering inflicted by kikes in black robes who willfully violate oaths, abandon office for the joy of raping childhood for shekels, giving purpose to the Second Amendment in protection of children. Evil is not defeated with tolerance and understanding. Abrams peddles his evil opinions based on so-called ‘education’ of clinical psychology from diploma mill from the now defunct U.S. International University. His hollow list of credentials cannot hide his monstrous agenda of childhood rape for shekels. He learned the art of deception at The Center of Preventive Psychiatry, a quack kike organization in White Plains that no longer exists, having morphed itself into a center of childhood rape. Abrams prides himself on advising law firms, providing purchased decisions for character assassinations, takes glee in his forty years of performing thousands of ‘evaluations’, all being nothing more than biased opinions lacking scientific foundation. Abrams can opine on destruction of families, Blog can opine on the quackster basis of his evil trade.

Of substantive due process observation, kike Abrams opines mom is bad, dad is good, the children must have no contact with mother, which the court agrees, but the State holds no interest, a misapplication of parens patriae powers in protection of infants from harm, held solely by the sovereign people, only to be applied by petition of the state. Judge Lubbell plays the jew card to sever mother-child bonds absent a State claim of parental unfitness, absent proceedings in protection of a child, just the purchased opinion of a kike who pretends he is an expert on other people’s children. Abrams is a domestic terrorist.

Abrams admits to his negative reputation, scathing online reviews, blaming his kike legacy on the fact that custody evaluators make more enemies than friends in what he claims is a high-conflict legal battle for a simple, administrative ‘no-fault’ divorce, admitting the kike construction of the childhood rape regime, promoted by jews, creating conflict for shekels, lining his pockets with hundreds of thousands of dollars, by lucrative appointments of jew judges focused on fucking over mothers. The now-famous Blog notes there is no standard of practice that supports a ‘custody evaluation’, that the elements of psychology do not possess any methodologies to make a professional opinion on why the court must sever mother-child bonds. Pure kike ideology woven into the court system by jews for the benefit of jews, Constitution be dammed.

More reporting on the Kassenoff child rape drama by FrankReportCustody Evaluator, Obscene Abrams, and more.

Editor’s Note:  The nigger dyke Attorney General of New York State, Letitia James, ignores her oath, plays along with the jews, allows the rape of childhood by kikes in black, as she holds office as a jew puppet, a domestic enemy of the Constitution, a historical reminder of how lynching came about in America.

Cadre of jews working for shekels to rape childhoods of three precious daughters of mother Catherine, a poisonous mix of corrupt law and kike ideology focused on familial destruction; evil personified; how psycho dad spends $3M to prove to the world he is a nutjob.

Victims of Dr. Abrams’ voo doo joo ideology to isolate children from mother, an opinion purchase by psycho dad’s shekels.

Stupid, fat, ugly, dyke, nigger Letitia James, AG of NYS, fails her oath allowing destruction of motherhood by opinion of jew, absent State interest, in violation of Fifth Amendment substantive due process clause.