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David S. LaFollette, Esq.

The now-famous Blog of observant kind extends a warm welcome to Connecticut slime-bag attorney David S. LaFollette of LaFollette Law, father/son legal team, chasing ambulances and client’s wallets from a dusty, mite ridden office on Kings Highway in Fairfield. LaFollette makes Blog debut by becoming psycho daddy David Rookasin’s third lawyer in demonic pursuit of defamation against children’s mother Catherine. The case is another psycho example of a mad man possessed by vindictive rage that he is a mad man with vindictive rage, seeking affirmation from clowns in black robes that he is victim of his own pathetic life played on a public stage for the world to gaze. David Rookasin sued ex-wife, mother of Gabby and Sabrina, three years ago for defamation, as she shared her story of a miserable marriage with others. The suit was brought by Attorney John Cirello of Cirello&Vessicchio, who later became a judge, then Melissa Smith of Vessicchio&Smith took over, as the firm needs revenue, Rookasin has wallet; meritless, frivolous, vexatious suits make money in Corrupticut, legal ethics do not apply. Smith bowed out, now David LaFollette takes up pursuit of defamation for sole purpose of paying office rent in an otherwise failing law practice.

Dave Rookasin divorced Catherine in 2018; presence of Janis Laliberte as GAL doomed daughters to misery, never to hug mom again, to the glee of vindictive dad; Lisa Knopf, Jane Grossman, and Jessica Caverly will do that! All for shekels. A little over two years later, in misery of familial discord, mounting psychosis, lack of medication, daddy Rookasin hires sleazeball attorney John Cirello to file defamation complaint alleging mom’s fb discussions of hellish life with psycho daddy are the proximate cause his life is now shit, a distrusted financial advisor, and his future is also shit, because he was such a lousy husband and father; financial damages from a penniless mother are sought, an amount not less than $2,500.

Bring popcorn! Blog legal department questions why judges Sybill Richards, Michael Kamp and Robert Young have not dismissed the silly suit, but this is Connecticut, free speech does not exist, mothers are hunted, while lawyers will do anything for a billable hour. Hearing set for 20 March.  Maybe daddy Rookasin will call his daughters as witnesses so mom can see how much they have grown! Maybe Jessica Caverly will be a character witness for dad. Janis Laliberte can opine that five years of isolation of daughters from mom is in ‘best interests’, immunity still applies to the fat pig. Should be a grand family reunion, a testimony to the ‘broad discretion’ of jews like Jane Grossman of inflicting torture on children, one family at a time.

Editor’s Note: Rookasin has a blog history:  David Rookasin, Truglia Motherfucker, Truglia Predator, Ashley O’Connor Psycho. The cast of characters that have destroyed this family are rather familiar and very jewish.

David Rookasin and legal team, three years of chasing penniless mom for ‘defamation’ of being married to a psycho-nut.

With these characters orchestrating a momectomy for Gabby and Sabrina is it any wonder psycho dad is hounding mother in civil court for ‘defamation’?

Sleeze bag attorney now draped in a black robe to further the degeneracy of Connecticut courts, hallmark of domestic terrorism, promulgation of tyranny.