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The jews are at it again! US Attorney Mark Totten of Michigan, kike clown on puppet strings to Micky Garland is out to shred the First Amendment, enforcing kike mind control that any mention of community protection, anti-semitism, rabbit rifles, Tibetan good luck symbols, or the like will be met with arrest and incarceration, the FBI maligns any citizen who renounces the jewish agenda. Oi vey! The jews will not give up on their limitations of goy speak. Totten is a Yaley, a legal fuck up trained in anti-American ideology by rabbis of goy hate at the New Haven Yeshiva of Law. He is a kike sleeper cell, now activated to ring the life out of First Amendment by fabricated arrest of Seann Pietila for childish rants in cyberspace, which must be criminalized by talmudic edict, as Seann exhibits no love for jews. Blog legal department finds Totten’s game humourous, as Jake Baker hailed from Michigan, whose free speech of burning a classmate alive with a hot curling iron in her ass is upheld as protected expression by the Sixth Circuit, but she was not a jew.

The federal complaint against Pietila challenges the First Amendment, rather than probable cause of a crime. FBI Agent Ryan Roskey recites exactly what Totten desires to censor speech the jews hate. Roskey cites oral arguments in the undecided SCOTUS case of Counterman to criminalize expression disliked by kikes. Roskey’s complaint proves he is just a kike’s flying monkey, citing irrelevant case law, all kike buzz words, a word salad of everything goy are not allowed to think about kikes. Totten dictates the entire complaint, while ignoring protections of Brandenburg and Slants. The greatest boast of American First Amendment jurisprudence is that it protects goy right to express hatred of jews, a point lost on Totten. Blog notes Totten was counsel to Michigan’s nutcase governor Gretchen Whitmer. Totten’s agenda is totally jewish:  no guns, open borders, immigrant protection, post birth abortions, sexual deviancy, pedophilia, no hate speech, destruction of America from within. Irony abounds, given exposé of the International Jew by the Dearborn Free Press, in 1920.

Blog literature department finds Agent Roskey’s ‘word salad’ of jewish complaint to be riddled with inflammatory sound bytes, designed to alarm puppet magistrate Maarten Vermaat to uphold the jewish agenda. Vermaat is another pathetic product of the Yale Yeshiva of American constitutional hate of New Haven. The buzz bullets are chosen by the chosen. Probable cause turns solely on Roskey’s ‘training and experience’, ten years of badge, gun, attitude, donuts, lacking constitutional fortitude. The uneducated Roskey hunts goy speech for shekels, ingratiating himself to his jewish overlords. His sworn prose relies on interpretation of the ‘reasonable person’, the illusive, undefined, jewish creation of beliefs for the goy. Roskey’s ‘background’ as a SPECIAL agent is special, on which the kike on the bench cites as authority to shred protected rights of the goy. Roskey cites Doggart, Elonis, Black, RAV, Watts, reciting what Totten told him, as Roskey is a tool of the jew. Not that probable cause is established for a true threat by a disturbed teenager ranting online about his pathetic life, inability to get laid, suicidal ideations, and general hatred of society, but goy will be hunted and beaten for even hinting at jew hatred; Totten does his master’s bidding. Pretty impressive, as Totten attended Cedarville University, a bible college, where Totten learned nothing of the battle of good vs. evil.  He has gone to the dark side. Agent Roskey finds the rantings of a suicidal, teenage social outcast to be criminal conduct to slaughter kikes in a East Lansing synagogue, an intrastate location, but with out of state Instagram servers; clever construction! Roskey fails to even suggest mens rea, a necessary element of any crime. The propaganda is glaringly obvious. Jonathan Greenblatt is proud! Hitting the media cycle on anniversary of 2018 Pittsburgh synagogue shoot up. Media takes cue to report a MASS shooting foiled. Hilarious!

Pietila communicated Neo-Nazi style ideology, antisemitism, suicidal ideologies, glorification of past mass shooters (that advocate similar ideology), and a desire and his intent to mimic past mass shooters/mass casualty incidents. He even mentioned Hitler!

Blog legal department notes that support of national socialist ideology, opposition to multi-culturalism, hatred of all things jewish, appreciation for those who exterminate evil, admiration of warriors against Satan is all protected speech, upheld by over a century of federal case law.  What the fuck is Totten doing? Betraying his oath, abandonment of office, wars against the Constitution, begs a Patriot’s .50cal for being a traitor? Blog cheer leading department shouts out to federal public defender Beth Lacosse for her duty to dismiss Totten’s folly on First Amendment grounds; Jake Baker sends.

It is not the policy of the law to punish those unsuccessful threats which it is not presumed would terrify ordinary persons excessively; and there is so much opportunity for magnifying or misunderstanding undefined menaces that probably as much mischief would be caused by letting them be prosecuted as by refraining from it.  Jones.

Editor’s Note:  This appears to be another ADL publicity stunt, using a disturbed teenager who wants to end his own life as a true threat to a bunch of kikes, manipulating a clown like Totten to execute Micky Garland’s bidding, domestic terrorism by USDOJ is obvious.

Public Defender Beth Lacosse will smackdown kike puppet US Attorney Mark Totten for his inability to understand First Amendment and the narrow true threat exception, where a suicidal teen lacks intent, probable cause does not turn on Roskey’s kike obedience. Totten works for Greenblatt.

The jew hand attacks the First Amendment.

Trifecta of anti-First Amendment domestic terrorists.

James Tarasca, FBI bald headed asshole in charge of hunting free speech in Michigan.