Tauck v D’Amato

Time to look at the underlying rule of money in the Connecticut Family Court system.  The evidence that this court is nothing more than a money laundering scam is found in the comparison of two families.  The Taucks of Westport and the D’Amatos of Fairfield.  Don’t look for equal protection in family matters.  Two families, each having two kids, but the difference is money.  It is a tale of two wallets.

The Taucks had the privilege of 86 days of trial hosted by the evil Judge Holly Abery-Wetstone.  Lawyers took home over $13M, the GAL got $1.3M, which could not have been billed without Holly’s accommodating use of ‘valuable’ court time.

The D’Amatos were small potatoes.  Judge Gerard Adelman had little time and no patience to deal with legal issues standing between him and the equity in the marital home.  The D’Amatos are so irrelevant that the CT Law Tribune published an article that explains precious court time is for the rich.  See article by Alexander Cuda and Yakove Pyetranker at link

Court Time Is Valuable! (Don’t Waste It on Poor People)

There was no outcry over the judicial valet service afforded the Taucks and the frivolous issues surrounding their two pathetic kids.  Have millions, the court finds your frivolous matters have merit; financial merit for members of the Bar, judicial kickbacks included.  The Tauck divorce ran from June ’05 to October ’07, twenty eight months, with over a thousand docket entries, appearance of twenty five law firms and even the Attorney General.  Case detail at link.

But when poor folk enter the same court under the same laws, the game is quite different.  Note poor folk means having a house worth less than a half a million dollars.  The D’Amatos were a waste of valuable court time.  Judge Adelman spotted the equity in the house and ordered it sold.  The vultures did the rest, there was no more money, the case was a distraction and the appellate court ruled that it is a waste of precious court time.  The two kids in this family did not matter, they had no trust funds.  The D’Amato divorce ran from December ’11 to March ’14, thirty nine months, but only two hundred docket entries and no lengthy trial.  Case detail at link.   Despite the expertise of GAL Attorney John Mager of Milford, the post judgment litigation is over five hundred docket ites, another thirty nine months with no resolution.  Judges Adelman, Murphy and Sommer continue to mastrubate on the file with the latest order entered just last month.

The lawyers in the D’Amato case share a paternal family secret.  Grandma D’Amato of Newtown and brother D’Amato having big bucks and are paying Attorney Jean Marie Riccio-Ryan of Bridgeport to abuse the mother of the two irrelevant children.  GAL John Mager is also paid by the father’s family to jack the case and abuse the mother.  Mom of course has no money for a lawyer, but puts up a good fight, which pisses off Judge Adelman to no end.  Appellate court, the rubber stamp of jewdicial discretion of the family circus ignores the Tauck litigation and invents new law for poor people.  See  D’Amato v. Hart-D’Amato , 169 Conn. App. 669(2016).  If you don’t have millions, the court says fuck off.  If you have lots of money, the judges roll out the red carpet.

Equal protection does not exist in Connecticut Family Courts.  The D’Amatos are not equal to the Taucks and quite honestly, neither are you.  Got it?  You don’t matter, neither do your pathetic kids.  It is all about money and the rulings are simply arbitrary, discretionary choices by  jews and dykes in black robes.

What if Baby Aaden had a big trust fund?  No splash?

Baby Aaden . victim of family court