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State Senator Paul Doyle

The inbred law firm of Kennedy&Doyle plays dirty tricks on the court, while its managing partner plays more dirty tricks as the chairman of the judiciary committee.  Playing both sides is the dirty game of the Connecticut Bar Association.  The citizens don’t matter and justice is not for little people.

The smoke and mirrors of the Connecticut judiciary obscures the built-in short circuits to public accountability.  Judges and lawyers are connected through the Bar Association.  Lawyers cannot piss off judges as the judges control who is allowed to profit from the practice of law in the people’s courts.  The sovereign people are supposed to oversee all through their elected representatives.  But when the judiciary committee is under the control of the same law firms who are committing fraud on the court for profit, the judges cannot be held accountable as the managing partners like Sen. Paul Doyle ensure the racketeers are concealed and that all profiteers are protected.

The rule of law, the power of the people is destroyed by slick little slime balls in suits who refer to themselves as ‘attorneys’.  Three lawyers chair the judiciary committee to protect their black-robed benefactors.  All investigations, subpoenas and criticism of the black robed crooks is stopped by the three chairs, Doyle, Tong and Kissel.  All bottom of the barrel lawyers with the sole duty to the Bar of protecting the judicial racket and all who profit from it.

Sen. Paul Doyle is right in the middle of it.  His law firm is engaged in a family matter which has dragged on for twelve years.  His firm has lied and misrepresented matters to the court with impunity.  Fellow law partner Daniel Kennedy sends his bastard of a son into court on behalf of the firm to misrepresent facts and defeat justice.  Note that Doyle’s firm took over the case from the law firm of Barry Armata who has a notorious history of playing financial fraud games with the court.  Scum Barry is now a judge.  Connect the dots to find how the courts are rigged by the players and the people’s ability to oversee their own government is thwarted by members of the Connecticut Bar, who masquerade as elected representatives of the people.

The fox is in the hen-house with the wolves and the people are unaware of the carnage in the coop.  Orwellian masters rig the courts for attorney profiteering to the demise of the Constitution and to the deceit of the people.

Why have a judiciary committee in the legislature to be the people’s watchdog over the courts, if the lawyers and judges are conspiring to defeat the watch of the dog?  Time for Senator Doyle to admit his conflict of interest and resign from the committee?  Or just perpetuate the fraud upon the people?  Time to call a spade a shovel.