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Holohoax Day

Happy International Holohoax Day! The jews of the world demand all goy remember the fabricated story of the extermination of 6 million jews during WWII. What a wonderful day to acknowledge evil kike powers, where criminal statutes in jew controlled countries incarcerate those who do not repeat the lie. From authority comes truth. Calling a jewish hoax a jewish hoax really annoys jewish hoaxsters.

American politicians are so desperate for laundered shekels that the hoax is enshrined in the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, just a block off the Mall in D.C. right next to the Mint on 14th Street. Jews love to be close to money, it is their true god. This shrine of fiction was promoted by the jews, where hoax promotor Elie Wiesel hounded the infirm Jimmy Carter to establish a federal commission to make believe the Holohoax mattered to the United States, then eventually gave birth to the Hoax museum under Bill Clinton. Money buys politicians, which buys fake history, which promotes a hoax in the nation’s capital where power over people is more sacred than power of the people. Over $50M of federal funds every year goes to this jewish shrine of persecuted propaganda, lest the people forget their masters. The black history museum of American negroes is just across the Mall on the same street, but came 24 years later, as negroes don’t matter, have no money, and everyone knows their story is real. Nigger and jew museums so close makes one lousy neighborhood.

The lies are simple and obvious. Zyklon B is a pesticide for killing lice, it is not good at killing humans. It is in powder form, not gas. Of the 20 concentration camps, 12 liberated by Allies had no gas chambers. The 8 liberated by Soviets had gas chambers, baby burning pits, massive jew burning furnaces, cages of jew eating bears, with companion eagles, the jew soap factory, the jew flesh lampshade factory, the shower rooms with windows, flimsy wooden doors, yada, yada, yada.

The Holohoax is a ploy on people who are really, really bad at math. Six million exterminated in six years of war is 3,000 people a day, assuming observance of federal holidays, Christmas, New Year, and Hitler’s birthday. The more thermo-dynamically astute reader notes the amount of coke needed to fuel the furnaces provides technical defect to the hoax. Then the question of hiding the ashes, bone fragments, and teeth. Chemical types note the requirement for 30 tonnes of Zyklon B, that is supposedly so toxic the extermination ratio is a mere 5 grams per jew, meaning 60,000 empty half-kilo cans disappeared, with no record of production at the Faber Chemical plant or transportation to the camps. Amazing! Plumbers note that connecting the shower/gas chamber floor drains to the camp’s common drain system allows the toxic gas into the Commandant’s office. Details are not a strong point of jew story tellers. Hoax is a hoax is a hoax.

Celebrations should include pronouncing G-U-L-L-I-B-L-E slowly enough until it sounds like ‘oranges’. Copious amounts of vodka needed to read the Nuremberg Trial exhibits provided by the SOVIET WAR CRIMES COMMISSION in Moscow, which created the Hoax celebrated today. USSR exhibits #8 and #52 being worthy of an Emmy Award for best creative writing in a political psycho drama. Sworn statements, telling tales of history that never happened. Thank the jews for keeping the propaganda going for the last 77 years. We would not have the parasitic State of Israel without the dedicated work of Soviet script writers. Present day kikes rely on the story to claim persecution status, rather than just the true assholes they are. But give a big shout out to American jews who orchestrated the Nuremberg trials, where jew controlled judges, jew prosecutors, and the U.S. Army put on a great show, that only fools believe was a legitimate exercise in rule of law, but in reality just rule of jew.

Enjoy this happy day of celebration of a history fabricated by soviet jewish writers in Moscow. For the enlightened Blog reader, it just proves that the jew is the downfall of humanity, but what a wonderful world it would be if the story was true.