Schneiderman: Talmud Law

Every time the insanity of a state court system rears its ugly head, there is a jew riding heard to undermine the Constitution.  This time Eric Schneiderman, Attorney General of the swamp called State of New York is coming to the defense of his fellow rabbinical kike and Talmud ruler, Judge Richard B. Meyer of Essex County.

Meyer, the notorious jewish dotard of the upstate woodchucks, cares not for rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court or even his own state’s appeals court.  Talmud rule by the chosen over the four-legged goyim and their pathetic children does not recognize the unchosen courts formed by the Constitution, such merely impedes child trafficking and the pedophile agenda.  Chosen judges answer to a higher calling.  The jewdicial miscreant gets called out on his un-American court conduct and dragged before the Appellate bench, where fellow jew and goyim crusher Eric Schneiderman uses state and federal funds to defend the unconstitutional conduct of Jew Meyer.  Talmud rules all in the land of the jew.

These jews stick together.  They even use the stupid to argue the Talmud in the goyim’s court.  Scheiderman appointed the young and very stupid so-called Attorney Kate H. Nepveu to undermine the Constitution in defense of Meyer’s unconstitutional acts.  A minority graduate of Yale Law School, Kate acts as Talmud foot soldier in expending tax dollars to uphold the tyranny of her jewdicial master.  She is Scheiderman’s little bitch ordered to do the jew bidding to uphold Talmud rule before the Appellate Division.  She works tirelessly to pen legal prose to subvert the rule of law and undermine the Constitution.  She pleads that Jew Judge Meyer can defecate on the Constitution, ignore state statutes, then scoff and snort at opinions of forty-five justices of the appellate court.  On behalf of the people of the state she asks that the matter be dismissed as Talmud rule trumps the pagan parchment known as the U.S. Constitution.  Jewdicial mafia members just use Bill of Rights to wipe their ass.  Meyer needs no stinkin’ laws, the Talmud provides the chosen edicts needed to subdue the goyim, destroy Christian values and act very un-American.  Kate Han Nepveu goes along for the ride, sucking up a state paycheck and kissing jewdicial ass, no brains, just obedience.  Schneiderman is ruling by Talmud and making the goyim pay to defeat their own Constitution.  Brilliant.

New York State Attorney General is arguing against the Constitution and for child trafficking in defense of  fellow jew Richard B. Meyer.

Kate H. Nepveu, Assistant Solicitor General of NYS. Argues against the Constitution.

Kate Nepveu will work to throw your kids under the bus, but not hers.

Jew Eric Schneiderman, NY Attorney General defending fellow jew Judge Richard Meyer in undermining the Constitution.

Jew Judge Richard Blair Meyer, rules by Talmud, not by law.

Constitutional Toilet Paper….jews favorite.