Goofy Goodrow

How can Judge Karen Goodrow be so stupid? What is it with the dumb cunt in a black robe hired to do a specific job, who cannot grasp the concept of law? Her concept of judicial discretion amounts to nothing more than manifestation of mental defect and below average intelligence. Scary how jews like Goodrow always go further than they should in society, the damage inflicted is evil. The chosen one in a black robe handed down the divorce decree for Rabbi Jon-Jay Tilsen and his now ex-wife Miriam Benson, of New Haven, after four years of pointless litigation. The simple no-fault divorce of Connecticut is not simple, not quick, and not cheap. Jewish law firms of Hassett&George conspired with Broder Orland to bleed the family savings, despite the needs of three children.

Family court entertained and promoted the fabricated conflict, designed solely to enrich jewish lawyers. Four years, four different judges, pointless questions of law, severe legal fees, all for 11 pages of double spaced, drivel by Goodrow, granting a ‘no fault’ divorce and dividing meager assets. Oi vey, the jews are amazing. Goodrow finds that neither mom or dad are at fault, the marriage has broken down irretrievably, all hope is gone. Both parents are unemployed, there is no income, but Goodrow finds that dad can earn $200k/yr based on his status as a schmuck nobody wants. Goodrow notes that mom is a jewish lawyer, whom nobody will hire. Goodrow finds that mom ‘served’ as wife to the rabbi for 24 years which greatly enhanced the rabbi’s status as a rabbi in the jewish religious community. Goodrow finds that mother’s sacrifice of being wifey greatly increased the earnings of the rabbi in his rabbi role, while diminishing her earning capacity. Goodrow states the wifey role came without compensation. Goodrow rejected the rabbi’s argument that wifey did nothing to make him an overpaid rabbi. Goodrow finds that the exceptional wife is unemployable in her legal field, as there is no market need for another jew lawyer, but wifey could make $12/hr flipping non-kosher burgers at McDonald’s. Goodrow then awards wifey $60k/yr in ALIMONY to be paid by the unemployable rabbi from his non-existent paycheck. See how jewdicial discretion works?

Goodrow is not finished. Rabbi dad is ordered to take out a half-million dollar life insurance policy, naming ex-wifey as irrevocable beneficiary, which simply means that unemployed dad is worth more dead than alive!! Not hard to see how this scenario plays out. Alimony is suppose to end when one party croaks, why the life insurance? Jewish lightning?

Goodrow is so incompetent that she cannot see the obvious that the court cannot order a litigant into a contract absent free ascent. Life insurance is a contract for death benefits, a contract between the insured and the carrier, a private contract, subject to terms of contract law, not the jewdicial discretion of a low IQ judicial authority. The court has no authority to issue such insurance order on the rabbi, it only serves to make him a marked man, with an instant half million dollar tax free payout to the ex wife, upon his assassination. Goodrow is a danger to society, a danger to herself, and a danger to unemployed rabbis before the bench. Oi vey, what the jews will do to the jews.

The protracted pointless litigation continues, the rabbi has filed an appeal, motions are flying! Now the divorced, unemployed couple will bleed more money to lawyers in fighting over Goodrow’s decision, a court gift that keeps on giving more billable hours to jewish lawyers. The beauty of Connecticut family court!

Stay tuned: appellate decision should take another two years, where the only relief would be another hearing in family court. The lawyers are salivating!!!

Even jews need to beware of jew lawyers and jew judges in family court.