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CT Criminal Justice

The cesspool of Connecticut continues to amaze, a wasteland of incompetent state and municipal employees, soaking citizens for paychecks, delivering nothing in return. The now-famous Blog spotlights Margaret Kelley, inept prosecutor, proximate cause of axe murder of Milford mother Julie Minogue, proving Corrupticut’s government cannot perform basic functions. Milford Police Chief Kieth Mello’s lack of manliness victimizes a mother by axeman. Police provide illusion of ‘protect and serve’, but only devour donuts on overtime with no measurable benefit to society; public fraud in form of criminal justice.

Mother Julie is a domestic violence victim at hand of psycho baby daddy Ewen Dewitt, a criminal protective order in place to protect mother, daddy violates the order, mom complains to police who hold power to instantly collar the perp, but no … games afoot! Connecticut’s criminal justice system routinely arrests mothers for no purpose in law. Nigger cop Nash of Norwalk arrested Lori Thaner in Glastonbury, after local police found no criminal activity. Bloomfield’s K9 jew cop Danaher had Matthew Couloute’s baby moma arrested across state lines, no criminal cause. Margaret Kelley publicly lies that arrest application is deficient, there are no standards of probable cause, simply write bullshit, hand it to the judge, warrant issued, there is nothing more to it, never has been, never will be. Margaret Kelley obstructs justice, sacrificing mothers to a private agenda.

If two hundred texts in two days is not enough of a red flag that psycho demon is on the loose, what will cops respond to? Seriously? Can’t see the obvious? Prosecutors? Chief Mello has no complaints about being ‘underpaid‘, as he will soon be out of a job! The Chief who enabled the axe murder!!

The cover story tells all, Officer Scot Knablin is on administrative leave,  official scapegoat to protect the guilty. The lowest man in the org chart fingered, supervisors immune from blame, text book cover up engineered by Kelley and Mello. When Mother Julie presented her complaint on 14 November to sworn law enforcement officials, probable cause exists to instantly arrest psycho daddy, no need for a warrant, a fact omitted from all journalist propaganda reporting … Marissa Alter of News12, a Blog favorite, shill of the chosen. No reporting on denying Mother Julie protections of law, nothing about irresponsible public officials withholding police powers, refusing to protect victims of domestic violence from further violence, nothing about withholding state powers to immediately detain, arrest, incarcerate, evaluate psycho daddy in protection of motherhood. Connecticut will not protect mothers, does not care about children, marches to the chosen ideology that calving women are four-legged barnyard animals of no import; the brutal politic of Connecticut.

Blog technical department outs ASA Kelley’s hoax that the arrest application refusal on undisclosed deficiency is a lie. The people of Milford pay dearly for police, fully accredited, costing millions, clowns cannot fill out the application form correctly? What type of bullshit is Margaret Kelley playing on a sovereign people? ASA Daniel O’Connell did not even read the arrest application for Couloute’s baby momma. Does Kelley have some magical, secret standards for arresting DV perps? The real story is much darker, the pathetic cover story is a tale of government foul games; an overpaid group of morons failing simple job functions … just what jews want for the goy, a dysfunctional society, incapable of protecting mothers and children; Margaret Kelley plays her role perfectly.

Editor’s Note:  Why should manly Milford police believe complaints of a victim of domestic violence, mothers are just crazy, why do Milford residents fund such incompetence; guns, badges, attitude, donuts, overtime … protecting an axe murder?

Domestic terrorists Milford Chief Mello, ASA Kelley, SA Griffin

Marissa Alter, News12, propagandist, disinformation reporter, scam promoter.

Officer Scapegoat, propaganda, disinformation, by an incompetent police force.

Benjamin Blake, Mayor of Milford, hiding from the press, running an incompetent city government, par for the course in Corrupticut.


Psycho dad going to chop up mommy, while police and prosecutors argue over paperwork; Jewette Katz opinion piece to follow in CT Law Tribune!