Nusbaum $68k

Attorney Edward Nusbaum, one of Connecticut’s most lecherous jew divorce lawyers pleads to intervene in the Ambrose case to bring contempt charges against a mother, who is a former client, for refusing to pay his fraudulent billing of $68k. Now this is funny!

Eddy d’Jew is just a hustler in Westport who preys on folks with money. He is such a low life that all he can do with his law degree from Rutgers is trick fools with money to hire him as ‘counsel’ and bill them $750/hr to fund his expensive pedo habits and pay for his blow, while pretending to provide ‘exceptional legal counsel and support to families’. Like dragging out litigation to drain family bank for a simple ‘no fault’ divorce ever helped a family. In reality he is a charlatan and a thief. His new game is to use fellow Bar pederasty faggot Alexander Trembicki of Milford to represent his collection efforts in family court before Judge Gerard Adelman. A jew lawyer going before a jew judge in family court to demand contempt action against his former client for refusal to pay an inflated jew invoice for services not provided, what normal people call a contract dispute. Eddy Boy previously withdrew his appearance and left his client hanging in the divorce drama, as he is such a fucked up lawyer. But he is a good jew, so fellow jew Adelman will likely jail his former client until the pound of flesh is extracted.

Eddy’s law firm is such a joke, he claims that other law firms hire him for co-counsel in divorce matters because of his ‘expertise’ … c’mon, who believes that shit? He can’t even get a simple divorce done for under $60k! Eddy is so arrogant that he charges $275/hr for use of his 70 year old paralegal Marilyn Leahy. His services agreement contains an arbitration clause, but he goes directly to court. Can’t even agree to his own agreement. Very jewish.

A most hilarious observation of Eddy d’Fuck’s motion to intervene is that there is no statutory authority to ‘intervene’ in a family matter for unpaid legal fees. But, for jews like Eddy, money is all that matters and jew boy Adelman knows he will get a commission for jailing mom for unpaid jew fees. Eddy’s faggot lawyer Alex captions his motion to ‘intervene’ but cites a joinder civil statute, 52-102, not the family intervention statute 46b-57. Eddy and Alex are a parasitic tag team. Lacking public demand for their pathetic legal abilities, they combine to chase former fleeced clients for unpaid fabricated invoices. Their billable hours are lacking. There is no court order for mother to pay Eddy a dime, but faggot boy Alex files papers claiming he has grounds for contempt action, simple intimidation. The jews of the Bar write lies on paper, filing same with the court to extort money from unsuspecting goy. This is not the practice of law. This is the pure Connecticut jewery of family court.

The essence of Nusbaum’s legal services is to run up nearly $100k in billing for just talking to the other lawyers on the phone, clearly documented in the invoices. The family bank gets robbed at the rate of $1,150/hr on a telephone call between Nausbaum and GAL Hurwitz, conferencing in opposing counsel Nancy Aldrich, add another $800/hr, all for a simple ‘no fault’ divorce. Nice chunk of change for only three months of effort and no results, the true essence of family court.

The now famous blog makes a public service message to never ever hire Attorney Edward Nusbaum for anything. Avoid his pal Alex Trembicki as well. Thieves have law licenses, the invoice is robbery.

Beware the jews of family court.