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Connecticut Judges Meeting

Did you miss the annual gathering of jewdicial infidels in the Middletown Courthouse?  The all important gathering of the mafia of black robes?  Well, if you were thirty minutes late, you missed it.

Evidently Chief Administrative Crook Patrick Carroll had been advised that Dorthy was going to drop a Kansas farmhouse on the gathering.  The fusion center had intel that the location was public and that ISIS members received the meeting notice.  Even though the taxpayers were being fleeced for extra security to protect the clowns from themselves, Judge Carroll wanted everyone out in a hurry and suggested this be the last public flash mob.

After all, why does an independent judiciary need to meet?  Trial judges, the village idiots, don’t listen nor collaborate with other trial judges.  The appellate judges, three stooge panels,  just rubber stamp the trial court decisions and the seven supreme dwarfs just fart around until overturned 8-0 by SCOTUS.

What is new for next year….video conferencing!!!

Judge Patrick Carroll, adjourns annual judges meeting in fear of ISIS