Nusbaum The Joker!

The now famous blog spotlights Attorney Edward Nusbaum, a sad, pathetic, little excuse of a man whose mental delusion thinks he is worth $750/hr to practice family law in the cesspool of Connecticut courts. Oi vey, da jews have no shame. Another lecherous jew with a law degree camped out in Westport to prey on families with money. A clown who has spent his life on the bottom of the legal barrel in family court, who can not even practice law in traffic court. No one trusts him. He prides himself on being a total loser, 35 years of bleeding families for purposeless litigation, arguing with fellow bastards of the Bar for the sole purpose of running up legal fees. If you are not rich, don’t have a big house, big bank, kids to fight over, he will not represent you, he only takes on ‘whales’ who can feed his habit. He claims to represent clients in sophisticated, high-asset and complex family law matters related to divorce, alimony, child support, property division and child custody. In other words, he needs rich suckers to pay his ridiculous billings, folks too stupid to realize that he is an idiot and even the judges hate him. A joker who has played the divorce scam for so long in Corrupticut plays for the team, he will toss his client under the bus to make an extra-dime from under the table commissions. Client interests be damned, Nusbaum is a professional thief with a briefcase and a law degree.

He is a most recognized Connecticut family law attorney … ever hear of him? Didn’t think so. So the now famous blog asks, if the jew is so good, why does he have to sue his clients for payment? The manly jew of Westport filed suit against a mom who he represented so well, she refused to pay the coward. Read the suit here. Nusbaum even got fat boy pal Attorney Alexander J. Trembicki to file the suit to share the penalty fees. Thieves stick together. A review of court dockets shows a number of cases where Nusbaum sues mothers to collect fees, left unpaid due to putrid professional services.

$750/hr, just let that sink in! For a no-fault divorce! Jew scam!

Jew lawyers have a great marketing gimmick, good lawyers can charge higher fees, so if a jew charges ridiculously high fees, he must be a SUPER LAWYER and the goy will pay! Guess that is not working for this prick. His favorite victims are mothers, who he must fight for payment after blowing a case out his ass. Look for this guy dead in a ditch on the side of the road. With the number of fleeced and abused clients who would like to see him dead, the suspect list is long, not that removing such a pig from the planet would be a bad thing, not even the Bar Association would shed a tear.

Old fat geezer Alexander Trembicki, suing a mother to extort a fee for putrid legal representation by Nusbaum. Jews helping jews fleece the goy … $750/hr! A roadside ditch in his future?