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Judge Ernest Green, Jr. Speech Nazi

Again we turn our attention to the terrorists of the Connecticut judiciary; Judge Ernest Green, Jr. doctor of deviant sexual behaviour.  The ruling elite of the sovereign people is the dark hand of the chosen in black robes who masquerade as judges in the Superior Court where political criticism is silenced with shackles, denial of bail and jail.  Our newest terrorist is of the negro homo sexual kind.  Married to his fellow sodomite and upheld by the chosen of the Connecticut Pedophile Utopia, this mentally deranged and intellectually challenged nigger is wiping the lube off his swollen rectal orifice with the Constitution.

A free people have the protected right to criticize public officials like gay governors, lesbian family court judges, child traffickers, pedophiles and even the color of the sunset.  Malloy, Bozzuto, Katz, Murphy, Lembo, Blumenthal….gays, queers, miscreants who bond together to undermine a Christian society don’t like the free speech of criticism so they unleash the state police dogs under Colonel Pedophile Alaric Fox to arrest those free citizens who dare criticize their masters.  The new slave is dragged in chains before the gay nigger judge who takes commands up his ass from pedo judge and Talmud ruler, Elliot N. Solomon, the rabbinical master of the state judiciary.  The jews, queers, gays, pedos, lesbos and general fucktards of the Connecticut ruling class crush the First Amendment in fear of being criticized for what they are….miscreants.  Public funds are being used to destroy the First Amendment….thank god the Second is still in place and thirty round magazines are available with next day shipping.

So take some time to realize how the chosen agenda and their gender confused, deviant and pedophile loving friends are destroying American liberties in full public view, with public money and police muscle.  Read what Norm Pattis has to say about their action in his 22 page brief which simply restates the will of the founding fathers.

Be scared, be very scared.  Connecticut is out to destroy the Bill of Rights… are next.

Crooked Prosecutor Smith