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The Inadequate Judge Green

Judge Ernest Green, Jr. is a pathetically inadequate excuse for a judge.  Another faggot friend of Gov. Dannel Malloy, nominated to the bench for his expertise in homosexual activities, deviant conduct and of course for being black.  Not a brain in this boy’s head that has not been fucked out his ass by fellow sodomites of the Connecticut deviant elites.

Draping a black sodomite with a judicial robe does not bring forth justice; just the opposite.  Green is a puppet of the white jewish overlords of the Connecticut Judiciary.  Judge Elliot Solomon pulls the stings on the indebted judges of the trial courts to promote talmudic edicts in support of zionism and the trampling of the gentiles.  The chosen ones run the courts.  On Monday, the jew game was exposed again in the criminal court at New London GA10, where sodomite Judge Green is torturing the Constitution in the case of State v Taupier .  Free speech and the First Amendment go down without lube to the fudge packing nigger judge who can’t spell c-i-v-i-l  r-i-g-h-t-s.  This case is simply jewdicial retaliation against free citizens who rant about death unto tyrants, corrupt state courts, incompetent state employees, waste of tax dollars and general commentary about the cesspool known as Connecticut.  The jew judges and their pet civil servants do not like criticism, so the State Gestapo of the Major Crimes Unit were instructed to arrest a free citizen for ranting on Facebook against the jewdicial mafia….headed by Jew Don Elliot Solomon.  In Gulag Connecticut, the Constitution means nothing.  The charges were contrived by official acts of Judge Barbara Jongbloed, State’s Attorney David Smith, State Trooper Dick Jack Kulig #927, cocksucker Jewdicial Marshal Relford Ward, faggot Court Clerk Jonathon Field and of course Dyke on the Byke Judge Bozzuto and King Jew Solomon.  Criticize the court and the jews that condemned Baby Aaden to a watery death and the trolls will come after you.

The Great Grey Ponytail, Attorney Norm Pattis filed a brief last year to dismiss the trumped up charges and had a hearing before the Nigger Sodomite Jew Puppet Judge Ernest Green, Jr.  Pretty simple stuff, tell the jerk of a judge that the arrest violates the FIRST AMENDMENT and the charges must be dismissed in the name of law.  Simple stuff.  But the brainless butt fucker can’t spell FIRST AMENDMENT, has no concept of CONSTITUTION and can’t remember his OATH of office.  So five months pass where the judge is supposed to decide what is free speech and what is not.  A decision so guided by case law and stare decisis that it is a five minute google scholar search and can be written up by a fifth grader.  But this is Connecticut and that did not happen.  More than five months have passed and the State Judiciary is incapable of identifying free speech when it lands on the bench; all to keep a free citizen caged for being a free citizen.

Tyranny is hiding in the light.  Jews, niggers, faggots, pedophiles, elites in black robes along with their costumed foot soldiers of the State Police working together to destroy society from within.  Rights, liberties, freedoms all cast to the wind by the chosen ones.  Perhaps all that patriots have left to save the Republic is the Second Amendment.

Free Speech = Fuck Judge Green, constitutional terrorist begging to refresh the tree of liberty!!!

Editor’s Note:  Judges are required by law to issue decisions in 120 days.  Will the new nigger Chief Judge Robinson uphold this nigger’s incompetence?  Judge Green has failed the office and violated the law.  He is obviously retarded.  The court betrays its duty to the people and to the law.  Tyranny prevails, revolution is required.  Second Amendment holds purpose.

Attorney Norm Pattis.
Giant of the Profession, Slash and Burn Trial Lawyer, Great Grey Ponytail.

Ernest Green, Jr. jewdicial terrorist, sodomite, enemy of the people. Queer as fuck.

Crooked Prosecutor Smith, prosecutes free speech by order of jews.

Patriots have duty to spill the blood of tyrants to refresh the Tree of Liberty.

A free citizen, Ted Taupier, caged by the jews for exercise of free speech protected by the First Amendment.

Dyke on the byke…root of evil in Family Court, Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto….Iza Zuto!!!

Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Ruler…do not criticize his jewism.